Episode Guide

201: Chris & Nora Vs. Lisa & Danny TV-PG+L (60 min)

For Chris and Nora's cluttered condo, Paul and Penny demand a fresh coat of paint from top to bottom and the removal of Chris's tools from the living room. But as renovations begin, the pair gets off to a rough start when their help doesn't show up and their antiques are rejected by a local dealer, stonewalling their fundraising efforts. Tensions rise as Chris gives Nora some bossy paint lessons but the roles are soon reversed when Nora takes the lead on staging. Across the city in another condo unit, Lisa and Danny tackle Paul and Penny's job list that includes updating their main bathroom and finally completing the half-finished basement reno. Things get off to a great start as the duo receives HUGE community support, secure friend and professional stager, Paula McCaulder, and hold two successful fundraising events. But as their pace slows down and they continue to add extra projects in the kitchen, Lisa and Danny run the risk of not finishing!

202: Suzanne & Kevin Vs. Dan & Sheri TV-PG+L (60 min)

With Kevin and Suzanne's employer relocating to another city, the couple is following suit. However, before selling their home, they must complete two years' worth of unfinished projects in just two weeks. Due to Suzanne's constant focus on their fundraising efforts, the couple is able to cover all of their reno expenses, giving them an edge over the competition. But when Penny shows up for her final check-in to find multiple unfinished projects, she questions if they'll be able to finish on time. Meanwhile, Dan and Sheri have already purchased a bigger, more expensive home and are under huge pressure to maximize the list price of their current house. Sheri pulls together a high stakes fundraising party that requires a lot of cash up front and relies on a large turn out to be successful while Dan risks alienating his skilled helpers when he refuses to compromise on the basement rec room design. Just as Sheri revels in finally completing one room on their project list, Penny returns with a lengthy list

203: Jeff & Joanne Vs. Jill & Joel TV-PG+L (60 min)

With the help of a skilled bunch of friends, Jeff and Joanne tackle the demo work in no time and make serious headway on their construction projects. However, their extensive list of "must do improvements sees them gambling with funds they don't have. At the mid-way mark, Penny and Paul are impressed with the work completed but fear costs could be a killer. Despite their lack of reno know-how, Jill and Joel also get off to a good start when they receive donated materials from a local contractor, but it soon becomes evident that the two-week timeline will be a major challenge for this slow moving duo. Despite Penny and Paul's attempt to light a fire under these young parents, they squander valuable time on an office update that Paul feels will add little value to their home. Every dollar and minute counts, as one team struggles to avoid falling deeper in debt while the other does all they can to finish before the strict two week deadline!

204: Trevor & Bonnie Vs. Natalie & Ray TV-PG+L (60 min)

With an out of province work transfer looming on the horizon, Bonnie and Trevor must get their home ready to list now. This handy couple suffers a string of unlucky incidents that result in setbacks; however, a wealth of community support makes their project list manageable. After prodding from Penny and Paul at the halfway mark, Bonnie makes a much needed shift into fundraising mode to offset the mounting reno costs. Meanwhile, their competition, Natalie and son, Ray, have been living in a perpetual reno zone for five years after a house flipping project with her ex went sour. Now, Natalie's desperate to finish the renos and sell, but she'll need more than luck to successfully complete her workload. When broken promises from helpers put her behind on the two week timeline, she attempts to focus her energy on the renos and abandons fundraising efforts all together. Penny and Paul believe Natalie's home has immense potential, but with time running out, it may be too late. In order to stay competitive, Na

205: Pat & Sue Vs. Tracey & Angie TV-PG+L (60 min)

Pat and Sue Moran don't want to sell their rural utopia, but their considerable debt load leaves them with no other option. As Paul points out work needed in almost every room in the house, Pat and Sue have their work cut out for them. While they are quick out of the starting gate, stress, exhaustion and financing difficulties soon slow the renovation momentum down. When the Morans find themselves unable to buy more supplies until they make more money, borrowing items for staging becomes a huge advantage. But will it be enough to save them in the boardroom? Tracey Arnold, a single mom of two, is determined to move her family to the neighbourhood of her dreams. With the help of her sister, Angie, and a team of "Renovation Ninjas, reno mishaps surface around every corner, from uneven flooring to a design dilemma with Penny and Paul. Although Tracey puts a major focus on fundraising, her efforts may have been better spent on finishing the finer details!

206: Lisa & Christie Vs. Andrew & Michelle TV-PG+L (60 min)

Lisa has been struggling to keep her house livable for the past ten years, but the day-to-day up-keep has proven too much for her to handle alone. With the help of her good friend, Christie, Lisa hopes to get her home market ready so she can liberate herself from the burden of homeownership; however, her lack of reno know-how and little project support makes it difficult to get things rolling. When a vital team member is honourably discharged and a unique fundraising idea doesn't come through, the fate of Lisa's reno hangs in the balance. Andrew and Michelle bought their home just outside the city, as a quick flip two years ago. Unforeseen complications and a shortage of funds quickly turned this house into a nightmare for these first time homebuyers. Desperate to move on, Michelle is ready to leave with or without Andrew. Penny and Paul swoop in just in time to offer new direction to this DIY disaster, and a second chance for this couple on the edge. Will fixing up this house repair the damaged relations

207: Lynne & Dave Vs. Kyle & Carol TV-PG+L (60 min)

Newly engaged couple Lynne and Dave start decluttering on day one causing Lynne to wonder what she's gotten herself into! While she questions Dave's tiling skills as he re-floors the kitchen, she cuts corners in the spare room with paint touch-ups rather than a whole new coat. The team dives into a basement bathroom reno but humidity keeps mud from drying, causing delays. Bottle drives and on-line donations keep the reno funds rolling, but when a countertop hiccup in the kitchen requires a creative solution and oversized furniture causes moving grief, stress levels reach an all-time high. Originally, from the country, Carol and husband Kyle are eager to leave the suburbs and get back to their roots. The immediate sale of a large ticket item kick starts this team's fundraising efforts and Kyle makes framing and drywalling the basement look like a breeze. When Carol and Kyle are able to source an exact match to their existing hardwood, it seems only staging remains between them and the finish line. Will l

208: Suzanne & Kat Vs. Guy & Kelly TV-PG+L (60 min)

It's a front door challenge between these two homes with zero curb appeal! Suzanne, with roommate Kat and friend Jim, starts by tearing out the dilapidated porch railing and unsightly shrubbery. Desperate for reno dollars, she holds a club night and silent auction with the hopes her fire-breathing friend will draw a crowd. However, cash flow issues and a trip to the hospital leave projects at a stand-still, shocking Paul and Penny with the lack of progress. Suzanne's hefty to-do list, including re-finishing floors and staging, may prove to be too much with this series of setbacks. Paul and Penny advise the competition, Guy and Kelly, to purge clutter, update the kitchen, finish the foyer and overhaul the unruly "English Garden and a team of skilled helpers makes major head way on the kitchen and front yard tasks. Masterful organization and bartering deals give Kelly and Guy an edge, but a misinterpretation of Penny's design plans have this team scrambling before Paul's arrival. Both of these team

209: Aj & Ashley Vs. Mitch & Laura TV-PG+L (60 min)

For the past two years, Ashley and AJ have let their passion for animal rescue destroy their townhome. Now they have two weeks to undo the damage and eliminate pet odours that would turn off potential buyers. Their long list of to-dos begins with finding pet-sitters for the majority of their menagerie. Ashley and AJ make quick work of the carpet removal, front yard landscaping and laminate installation in the basement, but getting rid of the lingering smell proves to be a different story. With a climbing expense tally, they make a last ditch effort at fundraising with a pet themed event. Meanwhile, Mitch, with the help of his new girlfriend Laura, finally feels ready to put the home his father left to him on the market. In order to sell, the house is going to need a major facelift and Mitch is faced with the emotional task of de-cluttering and purging his father's belongings. Friends rally, but a hardwood deal turns disastrous, causing delays. Mitch's siblings arrive just in time to help complete a job th

210: Nicki & Tori Vs. Angela & Dave TV-PG+L (60 min)

Thu, Oct 21 6AM EDT

Nicki, with sister Tori at her side, is tasked with transforming the dorm décor in her starter home to a buyer-friendly design. Penny's plans are more than these sisters can handle so they enlist their handy dad to help. With a skilled team in place, Nicki gets a jump on painting, landscaping, and flooring; however, a medical hurdle threatens to derail their progress. Nicki must now rely on friends and family more than ever to get the job done. Competitors, Angela and Dave need their home to reach its full potential in order to realize Angela's dream of owning a pool. Sourcing granite countertops in the first couple days is a huge achievement, but with little reno savoir-faire, Dave is dependent on skilled friends to make headway on the DIY projects. Angela turns her clutter into cash but it's not enough to convince the couple to move forward with Penny's lavish deck design. Now, with the house of their dreams (complete with in-ground pool) fresh on the market, Angela and Dave are determined to take

211: Brigitte & Dave Vs. Peter & Shelagh TV-PG+L (60 min)

Thu, Oct 21 7AM EDT

Homeowners, Brigitte and Dave moved into their fixer-upper planning to do the renovations themselves. Eight years later, only a fraction of their projects are complete. With a new home already purchased, Brigitte and Dave need to get their current house market ready “ fast! With a dated kitchen, pink carpet and a bathroom in need of a total gut job, Brigitte and Dave have their work cut out for them. Brigitte wastes no time on the fundraising front, hosting a fitness dance class event and silent auction but as tricky projects present unexpected challenges and delays, reno expenses soar and workmanship plummets. Competitors, Peter and Shelagh have discovered the meaning of "house poor. These newlyweds have already moved into a new home; however, they're still carrying the mortgage on Peter's house from a previous marriage. Peter's former home appears abandoned”with empty bedrooms, half-finished projects, a kitchen and bathroom stuck in a time warp, it'll take a whole lot of elbow grease to get

212: Lucille & Natalie Vs. Paula & Josh TV-PG+L (60 min)

Thu, Oct 21 8AM EDT

Originally bought as a fixer upper, Lucille's home quickly became a whole home renovation, including: a decrepit entrance way, a front room used as storage, a half-finished kitchen, a living room in dire need of an update and a bathroom gut job. Lucille recruits her daughter Natalie to help out, and armed with Penny and Paul's advice, the mother-daughter team get going on demolition. Both handy, Lucille and Natalie show off their quality workmanship and work together harmoniously to get the job down. Help from friends and family brings Lucille that much closer to her goal, but will a community bake sale raise enough to cover their high end finishes? Across town a rivalry brews, as comedian Josh attempts to pay-back his mom, Homeowner Paula, for her financial support as he built his career. Paula's small city, home is in complete disrepair and features a few wacky personal touches”a clothesline through the kitchen, Safari and Asian themed rooms and exterior siding that covers over a window”that must

213: Chris & Cherry Vs. Matthew & Michelle TV-PG+L (60 min)

Thu, Oct 28 6AM EDT

With plans to start a family, homeowners Chris and Cherry, have already bought a new home. The problem is their forest green carpets, awkward staging, outdated kitchen, and unconventional colour choices are dragging down the sale price of their current home. Chris and Cherry make up for their lack of reno experience by assembling a savvy team of friends to help out. Chris is applauded for successfully using a power drill and Cherry gets a paint lesson from her sister-in-law but at the halfway mark, Paul and Penny are shocked to discover that they haven't raised a dime to cover their reno costs. How will the lack of fundraising affect their chances in the boardroom? With four young boys, competitors Matthew and Michelle have outgrown their cramped, suburban townhome. Paul and Penny suggest a tile upgrade to the linoleum on the main level, as well as updates in the kitchen and main bathroom, neutralizing the paint in the boys' room and de-cluttering”including removing the treadmill from the dining room! M

214: Trisha & Alec Vs. Betts & Samantha TV-PG+L (60 min)

Thu, Oct 28 7AM EDT

As Trisha prepares for an empty nest, she teams up with her son Alec one more time to un-do years of damage to a home that was party central for Alec and all his friends growing up. They kick start the competition with a shock and awe approach with a strong turnout by Alec's buddies to tackle the demolition work. But can these unskilled hands put the house back together? A self-professed handy woman, Betts gets additional support from her daughter Samantha. But keeping a family commitment on day one means delaying the start to their reno projects. With only two weeks to get the job done this is a significant setback, but a steady stream of helpers that include Betts' father, her other children and neighbours slowly keep the renos moving forward. Will the tortoise overcome the hare in this rivalry between Mother-son and Mother-daughter?

215: Lia Vs. Vladimir TV-PG+L (60 min)

Thu, Oct 28 8AM EDT

It's a square footage showdown, as these homeowners face-off for Paul's money saving commission free listing. Newly engaged, Lia needs to sell her tiny, cluttered home before she can move in with her fiancé, André. Lia must take on her dated kitchen, pink bathroom and maximize square footage to attract buyers, but when André gets occupied with work and family, Lia makes the costly decision to hire professionals. A disastrous discovery derails Lia's bathroom reno and threatens her chances in the competition. In order to financially recover from a divorce, Vladimir goes for broke by adding a second bathroom project to his already hefty project list. With contractor friend Ritz leading the charge, Vladimir's bathroom, kitchen and fireplace renovations get expert attention. In an attempt to cover costs, Vladimir holds a black-tie fundraiser. Will two weeks be enough for these competitors to reach their sale price goals?

216: Alison & Leo Vs. Chantale & Fred TV-PG+L (60 min)

Alison and Leo are anxious to sell their poorly maintained, century old house and find a suitable home for their family of five. They jump into action demolishing the kitchen and bathroom, but when Penny's design plans force them to rip up seven layers of flooring they start to wonder if their efforts could have been better spent elsewhere. As Alison and Leo both put in time at their day jobs, they rely on friends to keep things rolling. Alison holds a bake and toy sale to raise funds, but it's her impressive barter for cabinetry that keeps costs low. In order to avoid becoming renters once again, Chantale and Fred must update their kitchen, de-clutter and stage the basement and the most difficult of all”reclaim their dining room from their 3-year old. They get a jump on the competition, but blow their lead when counter installation plans fall through. Chantale hosts a euchre tournament to raise funds. Will a win be in the cards?

217: Chris & Sheryl Vs. Al & Valerie TV-PG+L (60 min)

Sheryl and Chris need to downsize to a more manageable property, but will two weeks be enough time for them to get their large home market ready? They enlist a skilled team of friends to help them bring their kitchen and bathroom into this century. Their high end finishes, like granite countertops and new bamboo flooring, notch their renovations up to a whole other level. Alain and Valerie are expecting their second child and outgrowing their current home. Penny and Paul agree that the basement powder room is a gut job, the basement wood panelling needs to be nixed and Alain's built-in aquarium is an eyesore that has got to go. Day one of the renos starts off with a bang, but can they keep up the pace? Alain and Valerie step-up their fundraising efforts with creative money making ideas like dog sitting and, a first for All For Nothing?, an arm wrestling competition. Will their expense tally of zero cinch the win?

218: Jimmy Vs. Iain TV-PG+L (60 min)

Job one for homeowner Jimmy is to depersonalize his home as Paul and Penny assure him that the medieval theme gone wrong in the basement would repel any potential buyer. Supported by his girlfriend, Lisa, Jimmy rallies a strong team of fellow firefighters and family to tackle the renovation that spans all three levels of the house! Jimmy concludes the competition with a sweet surprise for Lisa. Competitor Iain is also basement challenged. It shows as a teenage wasteland “ still full to the brim with stuff left behind by his four kids. With wife Carolynn away taking care of their ill daughter, best friend Dave steps in to help. Within the first days of the competition, disaster strikes! A sub pump malfunction causes a flood that jeopardizes the reno plans. May the best basement win!

219: Gwen & Aldo Vs. Sue TV-PG+L (60 min)

It's a head to head battle as both sets of homeowners work to bring yesterday's style into today! Gwen and Aldo chose their home to raise their young family, but now that their daughters are grown up and Gwen's new home-based business is about to take off, they need to find a more accommodating space. Their jam-packed suburban home shows really small and the forest green carpets and floral couches beg for a re-do. Aldo puts his handyman skills to the test and takes on an entire kitchen overhaul with the help of friends and family, while Gwen gets picked on for her laid back approach to renos. With only a small team in place, Sue has no choice but to be hands on in her reno. Having been out of work for months, Sue's finances are tight and every dollar counts. Sue takes a stab at tiling and gets creative when refinishing countertops, but the slow pace at her camp threatens the chance for a strong finish. This competition will come down to the wire, as Sue's team scrambles to get it all done.

220: Scott & Dawn Vs. Joel And Mary Ann TV-PG+L (60 min)

It's the battle of the bungalows in this small home versus small home rivalry. Scott and Dawn have got to sell; with their second child arriving soon, their home seems smaller by the day. Penny and Paul agree on most of the work needed, but when Paul makes a staging suggestion to create a third bedroom, Penny has different plans. Scott tackles an extra project to up the stakes, but quickly realizes it's far more than he's bargained for. A kickboxing themed fundraiser could be the key to knocking out the competition. Mary Ann and Joel's home is crowded with multiple generations under one roof and upsizing will make things more comfortable for their family. With the lack of curb appeal, perspective buyers would keep driving, making the exterior a major focus. Mary Ann's attempts to raise some cash by selling collector coins falls flat and Joel's theatrical talents far outweigh his landscaping skills. But when they score a deal for asphalt paving, things start looking up. Who will come out on top on

221: Jason & Tara Vs. Eric And Shannon TV-PG+L (60 min)

Homeowner teams square off in the hopes of turning their worn out houses into show homes. Newly engaged Jason, is ready to ditch the bachelor pad to find a place with fiancée Tara and Paul's commission-free listing could really help offset wedding costs. The problem is the house is stuck in an 80s time warp”blue countertops and dingy carpets must go and the garden mural in the foyer is an eyesore. Tara finds herself working without her partner on day one, but Jason saves face by holding a pub night fundraiser. Shannon and Eric had every intention of fixing up their home gradually, but with two young children and a house full of unfinished projects, it's proving to be too much for the young family. Paul likes the home at first glance, but turns to Penny for a solution to an awkward bathroom layout. Shannon and Eric live in a sought after neighbourhood that commands high-end finishes, but the granite countertop delivery deadline proves to be stressful; especially when an unexpected issue crops up in the

222: Lynn Vs. John TV-PG+L (60 min)

Having recently lost her job, Lynn is desperate to update her little house so she can sell it for maximum value. The profits from the sale will help finance training for a new career in real estate. Lynn relies heavily on her brother and her son to transform her dark gloomy basement into a welcoming space including a major overhaul to the bathroom that Paul declares fit for a truck stop! In a neighbouring small town, John needs to sell his house to realize his dream of starting a hobby farm. He rallies a team of friends to attack the renos to the entire main floor. John swings some major barter deals with local suppliers to keep costs low, but his to-do list remains daunting throughout the two week competition.

223: Don & Donna Vs. Lisa & René TV-PG+L (60 min)

Don and Donna are in search of a larger home that can better accommodate their teenage kids. Knowing that their home has a ceiling on price, Donna's strategy is to keep expenses low while Don spearheads the reno work with the help of friends and family. Their 5K fundraising race comes under attack as the competition shows up to cherry pick their supporters. Lisa's small house fit for one doesn't work for her new relationship with René, a father of four! They must find a larger house and this place is in desperate need of a complete overhaul to get market ready. They call on the entire community to join their reno cause. To stay competitive, they feel they have to do it All For Nothing? Who plays the best game? That is revealed by Paul in the boardroom!

224: Lori Vs. Christine TV-PG+L (60 min)

Christine has to sell her rural oasis so that she can be closer to family and get some much needed help raising her four year old son, Parker. None of the things Christine loves about her small house will entice buyers to make an offer, so Paul and Penny set her on the right path to update her kitchen, create a dining area and to tone down some of her crazy design choices. Christine reveals her ace in the hole “ friend and contractor, Kevin. He can definitely get the job done, but if Christine doesn't depersonalize her crazy design choices will Kevin's efforts be enough to win? Competing single mom Lori raised her three kids in her large house and now that they are grown, she's ready to downsize. But before she can sell, Paul and Penny dole out a long list of necessary upgrades to make the house presentable. Lori also has a secret weapon, contractor boyfriend, Rick who steps up to the plate to take on the bathroom update while Lori's tackles hardwood installation, creation of more usable space in th

225: Alex & Mark Vs. Daniel & Felicity TV-PG+L (60 min)

Alex and Mark just bought their country home a year ago, but they can't take the isolation any longer so they must sell to move into the city. They receive strict instructions from Paul and Penny to remove all the decorative plaster on the ceilings throughout the house. Alex questions the merit of covering her bright paint colours with beige neutrals while Mark plans a bonus project for the house exterior. Time management becomes their main struggle as they work their day jobs from 9 to 5 and renovate into the wee hours. Ready to start a new chapter after the death of his wife, Daniel tackles all the half-finished projects in their cabin-style home to get it market ready. With his daughter Felicity at his side and an overwhelming turn out from friends and family, they take on all of Paul and Penny's suggestions and more! Despite taking time off work to complete the renovations, Daniel's stress level tops out at extreme more than once during the two week competition. Exhaustion is certain for these teams

226: Randy & Sarita Vs. Jean-marcel & Melodie TV-PG+L (60 min)

Randy and Sarita want to take their relationship to the next level and move-in together. Blending their families will require space for seven so they must sell Randy's dated bungalow for top dollar. Paul and Penny have differing opinions on the best plan for this house, but they do agree that all the wallpaper boarders must go! Having struggled to get the demolition started, Randy and Sarita turn up the reno pace in the second week which includes gambling on a poker night fundraiser. In preparation for retirement, Jean-Marcel and Melodie are ready to downsize. Having been out of the real estate market for ages, they have no idea how to ˜wow' the buyers of today. Armed with Paul and Penny's job list to bring their house into the now, they make major progress on day one. Flu, leaks, and a free shower insert that won't fit into their bathroom slow down their pace giving the competition a chance to overtake their early lead.