Episode Guide

101: Mastering The Art Of French Cooking TV-PG (30 min)

Anna and Kristina dive into the world of French cooking by testing recipes from Julia Child's tome Mastering the Art of French Cooking, serving up plenty of shopping tips and product tests alongside their best shot at re-creating Julia's classics. Will an award-winning French chef say oui or non to their efforts?

102: Pure Desserts TV-PG (30 min)

Fourth-generation pastry chef Thomas Haas helps Anna and Kristina determine whether the Pure Desserts cookbook can make them into world-class candy and cookie-makers, and their quest to find the perfect saucepan test ends with a bang!

103: Cook With Jamie TV-PG (30 min)

Anna and Kristina put their spotlight on Jamie Oliver as they test recipes from Cook with Jamie for a high-end Chef, following Jamie's local, organic, and natural philosophy. Alongside plenty of shopping tips and product tests, Anna and Kristina find out whether going organic is really worth the extra cost.

104: Mangoes And Curry Leaves TV-PG (30 min)

Anna and Kristina review a cookbook full of Indian recipes so authentic they're unpronounceable for the top Indian restaurateur in North America. But when they ask Indian cricketers to test whether store-bought masala can possibly be better than homemade, will they be laughed off the field?

105: Betty Crocker TV-PG (30 min)

The tough-as-nails owner of a British diner is going to be tough to impress, especially with Betty Crocker's fish and chips, but after Anna and Kristina test which beer is best for batter, they're confident -- until a harried Anna forgets to dip the cod into the batter, and then the fish really hits the fan!

106: Nobu West TV-PG (30 min)

Can the Nobu West cookbook possibly help an amateur chef create gourmet Japanese dishes similar to what's served in the $300-a-meal restaurant? That's what Anna and Kristina are going to find out -- but will trying to make a dish called frothing crab turn them into crabs?

107: Silver Palate TV-PG (30 min)

Anna and Kristina are going to try their toughest recipe yet out of the 1980's classic Silver Palate cookbook “ the famed French Cassoulet, a three-page, 25-step monster of a recipe, and Anna and Kristina are no exception, as a product test gone bad leaves Anna hurting --- and it's not just her pride.

108: New Lighthearted TV-PG (30 min)

For those with heart disease, eating healthy can feel like a prison sentence. But Anna and Kristina are going to determine whether The New Lighthearted Cookbook offers a flavor parole, or if dishes like "Tofu Alfredo? are simply cruel and unusual punishment.

109: How To Grill TV-PG (30 min)

When Anna and Kristina barbecue, it's not just a weenie roast, and the cookbook How to Grill should help them take their BBQ game to the next level. When a guy named Barbecue Bob shows up to judge their grill prowess, Anna and Kristina are left scrambling to cover their brisket.

110: New Intercourses TV-PG (30 min)

Our lovely ladies put their libido on the line as they cook up some steamy recipes from The New Intercourses: an Aphrodisiac Cookbook. Then Anna and Kristina become reluctant guinnea pigs in an experiment in sexual attraction to find out whether oysters are truly aphrodisiacs.

111: Everyday Italian TV-PG (30 min)

Anna and Kristina are testing Giada de Laurentis' Everyday Italian cookbook, preparing a whole whack of recipes for an award-winning Italian chef “ and his extended family! When a food processor test at the Particle Accelerator goes awry, will there be a meltdown?

112: Martha Stewart Christmas TV-PG (30 min)

Anna and Kristina celebrate the holidays by cooking classics from the Martha Stewart Living Christmas Cookbook and conduct taste tests for the most important judge of all “ Anna's mom! The turkey has to be perfect, otherwise next Christmas, Anna may be relegated to dish duty.

113: New Food Fast TV-PG (30 min)

It's all about speed as Anna and Kristina test whether Donna Hay's recipes hold up under pressure by preparing four recipes from New Food Fast “ in little more time than it takes a pot of water to boil! Things really shift into high gear when Arnold Schwarzenegger's stuntman shows up to help test whisks.