Episode Guide

101: Christopher Williams TV-14 D,L,V (60 min)

A young boy's murder bears striking similarities to the 20-year-old case of another young victim.

102: Janine Elston TV-14 L,V (60 min)

A former homicide detective asks the squad for help in preventing his daughter's murderer from being released from prison.

103: Tess TV-14 D,L,V (60 min)

After remains are discovered, the squad reopens the 14-year-old case of an unidentified murder victim.

104: Jane Klosky TV-14 D,L,V (60 min)

The squad finds a similarity between a recent killing and a gruesome 20-year-old murder case.

105: Taggert Family TV-14 D,L,V (60 min)

Tue, Jun 7 9AM EDT

The squad tries to prove a man's responsibility in the murder of his wife and disappearance of his daughter three years earlier.

106: Salty Cheever TV-14 L,V (60 min)

Tue, Jun 7 10AM EDT

The squad suspects that a prostitute with a long criminal history was responsible for a heroine overdose murder in the 1970s.

107: Rita Brice TV-14 D,L,V (60 min)

Tue, Jun 7 11AM EDT

Sgt. McCormick goes undercover to gain information from a recently arrested woman, hoping to prove her husband's role in the murder of his first wife eight years earlier.

108: Bob And Mary Lee TV-14 L,V (60 min)

Tue, Jun 7 12PM EDT

The squad reopens the case of a 15-year-old unsolved double murder in Chinatown after it is linked to a recent homicide victim's gun.

109: Michelle Dorn TV-14 D,L,V (60 min)

Tue, Jun 7 1PM EDT

A 5-year-old abduction and murder case of a young woman is re-examined after a witness friend regains some of her memory about the attack.

110: Stephanie Jordan TV-14 D,L,V (60 min)

Tue, Jun 7 2PM EDT

The remains of a socialite who has been missing for four years are found, and the squad suspects her husband of murdering her.

111: Amanda Millerd TV-14 D,L,V (60 min)

Tue, Jun 7 3PM EDT

When a woman thought to be a murder victim reappears 15 years later, the ensuing investigation opens a Pandora's box.