Episode Guide

301: People With Money TV-14+DLSV (60 min)

A man's marriage proposal displayed in the lights of a Manhattan high-rise is clearly rejected when he's found dead on the Brooklyn Bridge. Evidence suggests the death is a result of a messy romantic triangle with money as the underlying motive. The murder of a New York heiress takes our CSIs into the club circuit world where young heiresses find a new form of entertainment by pitting their bodyguards against one another and betting on whose will win.

302: Not What It Looks Like TV-14+DLV (60 min)

The CSIs investigate a bank heist where three beautiful graduate students use the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's as their inspiration for a successful heist. But when one of the girls is found dead in her apartment, forensics proves that her murder wasn't an inside job, but rather the three young thieves unknowingly stole black market "blood diamonds, and the owner of those unauthorized stones wants them back. The mummified body of the missing wife of a city councilman is uncovered during the demolition of a building. While it appears she died of a heart attack, fluctuations in the room temperature preserve evidence on her skin that prove she was murdered.

303: Love Run Cold TV-14+DLV (60 min)

In the middle of a marathon race through Central Park, the CSIs investigate a runner who strangely dies from carbon monoxide poisoning. With thousands of suspects and no witnesses, the CSIs have to track evidence on a high pressure nozzle found at the scene to the find help the killer. An ice themed promotional party turns deadly when the "ice queen is stabbed with her scepter made of ice, leaving the CSIs with limited time to collect the evidence before it melts.

304: Hung Out To Dry TV-14+DLSV (60 min)

When the body of a college girl is found beheaded at a sorority party, the CSIs must follow a DaVinci Code-esque clue trail, printed on the latest trendy t-shirt, through the city of New York to find her killer. After a male victim is discovered brutally murdered and wearing the latest edition of the coded shirt, Mac and his team realize they're after a serial killer who is carrying out the murderous fates of the Greek mythology figures printed on the shirts. Before the killer strikes again the CSIs have to further unravel the hidden codes of this methodical killer.

305: Oedipus Hex TV-14+DLSV (60 min)

A young girl's dream of becoming one of New York's "suicide girls, an underground society for freedom of sexual expression, turns into a nightmare when she is murdered after performing in one of their exotic dance shows. Mac and Stella investigate a streetballer killed after winning an intense one-on-one basketball game in Rucker Park against the NBA's next best thing. While initial evidence suggests his competition sought revenge, the cause of death ultimately proves his death was unintentional.

306: Open And Shut TV-14+DLSV (60 min)

While investigating the murder of a hotel concierge during a rooftop swimsuit photo shoot, gunshots ring out at a penthouse right across the street and the CSIs arrive within seconds to find shell-shocked woman clutching a gun and the bodies of two men splayed at her feet. What appears to be a case of a heroic women who shot an intruder bludgeoning her husband, proves to be otherwise when the CSIs find evidence that proves the women planned the "perfect murder and anticipated everything except the CSIs being a few steps away.

307: Murder Sings The Blues TV-14+DLSV (60 min)

A high speed, blue-themed rave on a subway car, a "Blue Train party, takes a wrong turn when a female party-goer is found dead from a toxic concoction. When evidence proves she wasn't the intended target, the CSIs discover she was an innocent victim in a competitive rivalry among club promoters. After one of NYC's most eligible bachelors is found dead in his penthouse apartment, a jealous "room maid, a beautiful woman hired to clean in exchange for room in board in a Park Avenue address, becomes the number one suspect until evidence proves otherwise.

308: Consequences TV-14+DLV (60 min)

What appears at first to be a paintball rivalry turned deadly proves not to be the case after the CSIs find evidence that links the case to the "black cocaine underworld and a dirty cop, and friend of Det. Flack's, who the paintballers walked in on at the wrong place and time. Mac finds a living connection to his dead wife when Claire's biological son, who was in search of his biological mother, turns out to be the stranger in the shadows that has been tracking Stella.

309: And Here's To You, Mrs. Azrael TV-14+DLV (60 min)

When a young female drunk driving victim is murdered shortly after coming out of a coma, Mac and his team investigate who didn't think the victim deserved a second chance. Initial evidence suggests the victim's boyfriend kept his end of a promise to take her life so she wouldn't have to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair, but after the CSIs rule him out as a suspect, the case takes a haunting turn. Dr. Hawkes returns to his old stomping grounds at the hospital where he used to be a surgeon before leaving to become a medical examiner and investigates if there was any foul play among the members of the hospital staff.

310: Sweet 16 TV-14+DLV (60 min)

A base-jumper who plummets to his death after poisoned pigeons drop out of the sky and sabotage his chute leads the CSIs inside New York's competitive rooftop game of pigeon racing. MTV's "My Super Sweet Sixteen has nothing on a mega bash that ends badly for a father who spent his hard earned money trying to make his spoiled daughter happy.

311: Raising Shane TV-14+DLV (60 min)

Following a robbery and shooting at a bar, the police catch someone dressed like the shooter running down the street, but what is most shocking about this arrest is that the suspect is Dr. Hawkes. While Dr. Hawkes maintains his innocence, Mac and his team piece together the clues and discover the crime is the exact same crime the escaped serial killer's, Shane Casey's, brother received a life sentence for before committing suicide in jail “ Shane Casey framed Dr. Hawkes and he holds the piece of evidence that will exonerate him but in order to get it the CSIs have to prove his brother was innocent.

312: Silent Night TV-14+DLV (60 min)

When an intruder breaks into a home, shoots the teenage daughter and almost kidnaps the baby without the mother hearing a sound, the CSIs discover the entire family is deaf and they'll have to rely on the mother's other senses to catch the killer. Also, a professional ice skater is killed in the rink before competing in the Regionals for the U.S. Team and an Olympic skater (Sasha Cohen), her friend and closest competitor, becomes the number one suspect.

313: Obsession TV-14+DLSV (60 min)

Role-playing takes on a bizarre meaning when an apparent kidnapping and murder is discovered to be the aftermath of a couple acting out dangerous sexual fantasies. A man found murdered in the snow with a price tag hanging from his stomach leads the CSIs inside the world of the annual Idiotrun race where young New Yorkers race tricked out shopping carts as if they were dog sleds.

314: The Lying Game TV-14+DLSV (60 min)

When a transgender showgirl's murder is connected to a congressman, the CSIs face an uphill battle from the congressman's "spin machine that goes into overdrive to contain the disastrous possibility that the congressman may have been engaged in a homosexual tryst which resulted in murder. Also, the CSIs investigate a murder set in the world of The Alibi Network where trained "professionals create the perfect alibi to cover their client's indiscretions.

315: Some Buried Bones TV-14+DLV (60 min)

When a college student is found dead in a massive hedge maze with an absinthe spoon sticking out of his neck, evidence suggests he is a victim of a fraternity hazing ritual gone bad. The CSIs wind through a labyrinth of lies to find an exclusive secret society behind the hazing, but is their secret worth killing over? Also, the murder of a security guard at a department store on the world's most expensive street, 5th Avenue, takes the CSIs inside the world of "personal shoplifters who will steal anything for a fee.

316: Heart Of Glass TV-14+DLSV (60 min)

When an affluent music industry mogul is found dead in his high-end penthouse apartment, Mac and the team must rely on the testimony of the only witness, the victim's sister, to solve the case. The evidence, coupled with a 2 million dollar life insurance policy, makes the sister look good for murder until the motive takes a sharp turn when Mac discovers that she has "Mirrored self-misidentification syndrome. She did commit the murder but has no idea: her reflection appears to be someone else. Meanwhile, what looks like a romantic evening gone wrong, Danny investigates the death of a woman who, quite literally, died of a broken heart. Also, after being cut at a crime scene where the victim was HIV+, Stella has to deal with the reality of possibly contracting AIDS.

317: The Ride-in TV-14+DLV (60 min)

When a man is found shot in the chest in his own home, buried under a sea of money, Mac and Danny must not only solve the bizarre murder, but also figure out why there is a 20 ft. wooden ark in his backyard. The victim turns out to be an ex-con artist who was trying to manipulate apocalypse cult believers for a price. Only this time one of his past cons finally caught up with him. Meanwhile, Stella and Danny deal with a man "stubbed out in a giant cigarette suit: COD is smoke inhalation. As the motive starts to look like the ploy of a big New York tobacco company, it turns out this butt was put out for an entirely different reason.

318: Sleight Out Of Hand TV-14+DLV (60 min)

A prominent illusionist comes to New York to perform a once in a lifetime show, 3 tricks in 3 nights on the streets of New York City, but when members of his team start to show up dead in crude replicas of his tricks, Mac and the team must deal with science vs. illusion. Meanwhile, Lindsay is in Montana testifying in her friends' murder case when Danny arrives. Seeing him relieves her anxiety, allowing her to retell the traumatic event and finally bring closure to that phase in her life.

319: A Daze Of Wine And Roaches TV-14+DLV (60 min)

A woman murdered during a French Revolution themed fundraiser co-hosted by an affluent 15-year-old girl, leads the CSIs into the high-class world of "handlers; the profession entourage that takes care of the teenager. What at first looks like a chain of blackmail, money laundering and murder among the professional entourage, turns out to be a little girl's devilish act of boredom. Also, a world class chef stabbed with a corkscrew in his restaurant's wine cellar, leads the CSIs to New York's latest fashion trend; a live, jeweled roach broach that someone felt was worth killing for.

320: What Schemes May Come TV-14+DLSV (60 min)

When a man is found in full medieval armor and impaled with a lance, the CSIs suspect a jousting match gone deadly until they discover a startling similarity between the victim and a man stabbed with an ice pick in a luxury hotel sweet. After determining both victims were terminally ill, the CSIs realize they might be up against a Kevorkian-style murderer who is providing elaborate "fantasy deaths for those who want to go out in a manor they've always dreamed of. Also, a body stolen from the medical examiner van leads the CSIs into the shadowy world of genetic experimentation and to a trio of medical students who have been conducting illegal experiments in human hibernation.

321: Past Imperfect TV-14+DLSV (60 min)

When a woman's body is found with her eyelids cut off, Mac suspects it's the return of a killer from five years ago who had the same M.O. The killer was recently released because the arresting officer was a dirty cop, who Mac helped put away. Now the killer is suing the city for "unjust imprisonment, and Deputy Inspector Gerrard won't let Mac and his team go at the killer again until they have ironclad evidence. An apparent professional hit, where a guy is shot in the leg with a ricin-laced pellet, leads the CSIs into the bizarre realm of side show performers and on a nostalgic ride through the most famous boardwalk in the world: Coney Island. Also, Melina gets her HIV test results and discovers she is not HIV positive.

322: Cold Reveal TV-14+DLV (60 min)

Stella is shocked when she receives a visit from Det. Scotty Valens (from "Cold Case), who tells Stella that her DNA was found on a bloody jacket connected to a Philadelphia cold case. Valens and Stella work in tandem to discover the connection, which strikes closer to home than Stella would have ever imagined: the jacket belonged to her former foster sister. But was she the victim or the killer? A teenager trying to win an online contest for the craziest stunt recorded on video loses big when his human slingshot stunt leads to his death. Also, following the death of a serial killer at Mac's hands, the Chief of Detectives, Mac's nemesis, opens an Internal Affairs investigation on the lab.

323: ...comes Around TV-14+DLV (60 min)

324: Snow Day TV-14+DLSV (60 min)

Following the largest drug seizure in NY history, Mac must save the lab from a "Die Hard type situation when an Irish drug lord and his henchmen descend upon the lab to get their drugs out of the lab's large seizure vault. The building is evacuated, (following what turns out to be a staged gas leak) and Mac, Stella and Dr. Hawkes stay behind to foil the crews elaborate heist. Across town, Danny and Adam are held hostage by some of the drug lord's henchmen in order to lure police away from the lab during the heist. As Lindsay waits anxiously in the wings, knowing Danny covered her shift after the two of them had a late night together, Danny takes a beating trying to get free.