Episode Guide

2601: Backyard Makeover TV-G (30 min)

Sat, Jul 16 3:30AM EDT

Vicki helps a single mom create an oasis for her two youngsters with artificial turf grass, maintenance-free fence and top-of-the-line swing set and furnished patio.

2602: Finding Your Style TV-G (30 min)

Sat, Jul 16 4AM EDT

Interior designer Leo Dowell gives Vicki the grand tour of Treillage, a European-style home in North Carolina. Leo and Vicki share tips to bring a posh Parisian flair into your home.

2603: Victory Junction TV-G (30 min)

Sat, Jul 16 4:30AM EDT

With a lot of help from her friends, Vicki creates a much needed lounge space for the bighearted counselors of Victory Junction, a camp for children with extremely debilitating diseases.

2604: Vicki's Kitchen Makeover TV-G (30 min)

Sat, Jul 16 5AM EDT

Beautiful Italian Carrara marble inspires Vicki to treat her kitchen to a makeover that lightens the whole space. Decorative painter Bob Nulf gives a fresh face to the cabinets.

2605: Building Your Team, Part 1 TV-G (30 min)

Sat, Jul 16 5:30AM EDT

In this 9-part series, learn the ins and outs of building a custom home or planning a major remodeling project. Put your project on a solid foundation by building a great team.

2606: Building, Part 2 TV-G (30 min)

Sat, Jul 23 1AM EDT

Vicki shares the latest on energy efficient windows, doors, roofing, siding and heating and cooling systems. Then visit a cutting-edge stone yard for expert advice on selecting the right stone.

2607: Trim & Surfaces, Part 3 TV-G (30 min)

Vicki discusses new paperless drywall. Working with natural elements, architectural details include matching stained mantle and beams and custom stove hood.

2608: Decorative Accents, Part 4 TV-G (30 min)

Sat, Jul 23 1:30AM EDT

More important decisions include paint, hardwood flooring, ceramic and glass tiles and countertops for 11 different counters throughout the home.

2609: Two Acres, Part 5 TV-G (30 min)

Sat, Jul 23 2AM EDT

Vicki and gardening experts tackle the sprawling 2.3-acre lot with a rose garden, acres of lush green sod, a mini-cherry orchard and a forest of beautiful shrubs and trees.

2610: Holy Faux, Part 6 TV-G (30 min)

Sat, Jul 23 2:30AM EDT

While decorative artists take over the house to create a child's fantasyland, Vicki and designer Cecil Adams spin some style in the living room and sunroom.

2611: Dream Spaces, Part 7 TV-G (30 min)

Sat, Jul 9 1AM EDT

Vicki decorates the dining room and master bedroom with beautiful bold fabrics and metallic accents. Rooms inspired by ballroom glam and Peter Pan's Neverland get finishing touches.

2612: Gentlemen's Quarters, Part 8 TV-G (30 min)

Sat, Jul 9 1:30AM EDT

Vicki introduces the healthiest and easiest solution to rid basements of dampness and odors. Then she creates a perfect haven with natural accents and warm colors.

2613: Welcome To The Big Top, Part 9 TV-G (30 min)

Sat, Jul 9 2AM EDT

Decorative artists transform a bonus room into a circus-inspired children's playroom. Vicki and Tim Whaley install an environmentally friendly and decorative stage.