Episode Guide

2001: Graduation Celebration TV-G (30 min)

Anna speaks to culinary & broadcasting students during a graduation celebration where she receives an honorary degree from Niagara College. Following the ceremony Anna kicks her culinary skills into high gear. Herb roasted chicken breasts, spring pea and rice salad, asparagus with a rhubarb hollandaise, and mini lemon meringue cheesecakes is a great way to wrap up an amazing night. With a trip to the local asparagus farm, family and friends around the table, and Anna's accomplishments recognized, what better way to start off the second season of Fresh!

2002: Appetizing Appetizers TV-G (30 min)

Anna's showcasing her style in a magazine, and we're not talking about fashion. Gorgeous and delicious is what's getting the attention of this photographer: spring pea soup with mint (vermouth), spinach salad with pickled red onions and maple toasted pecans, with a smoke salmon crepe torte. With a trip to the market to grab home grown spinach and snap peas, these appetizers not only satisfy the cravings for great food but serve as great eye candy as well!

2003: Grilling Season TV-G (30 min)

Its grilling season! The barbeque is out, the friends are over, and the wine is corked. Watch Anna pair great food with great wine while doing a grill demo for a local wine release event at the New Vintage Grille. Dry glazed pork tenderloin, grilled asparagus with creamy garlic almond sauce, and onion marinated grilled sirloin with spicy spring salsa, sounds mouth watering doesn't it? Second guessing your wine choice will be a thing of the past after watching this episode of FRESH.

2004: High Tea At Susan's TV-G (30 min)

Anna's visiting her friend Susan at her lakeside home for High Tea. Ham and scallion scones with lemon herb chèvre, salad bundles with marinated peppers, and fresh ripe strawberries makes this little trip feel more like a vacation. With breathtaking views of the countryside and a visit to a local strawberry farm, it really is worth going the extra mile for something Fresh!

2005: Pre-theatre Supper TV-G (30 min)

Its opening night at the Shaw Festival and Anna's preparing something simple before a night out at the theatre; Tender greens with marinated sweet cherries and almond vinaigrette, pan roasted trout with leeks and brown butter, and to finish it all off strawberry meringue tarts that melt in your mouth. With Farm grown ingredients from the roadside stand and a ticket in hand, who says you can't enjoy life and still indulge in something Fresh!

2006: Fundraiser Lunch TV-G (30 min)

Anna auctions off her lunch-cooking services at a lakeside home. As she teases the audience with her culinary skills she creates: Ricotta stuffed zucchini flowers with roasted red pepper pesto, poached Salmon with Basil mousseline (white wine), Israeli couscous with olives, arugula and feta, and finally brings it all together with summer fruit and ice-wine sabayon. How much would you bid on lunch being this fresh?

2007: Baby-sized Bites TV-G (30 min)

Anna takes a trip to Cherry Lane Orchards to grab the finishing touches for a baby shower she's hosting for her pastry chef. As the gifts are revealed so are the appetizers and desserts: goat cheese truffles, cornbread muffins with baby shrimp salad, and Baby cherry pies. It's a great day with great company, great food, and great weather, all in Anna's backyard, on this episode of fresh.

2008: Hiking Picnic TV-G (30 min)

Anna and her husband Michael take a hike through Shorthills Provincial Park. On there romantic day trip they indulge in sweet & salty trail mix, fajita turnovers, minted limeade, garlic coleslaw cups and brown butter cookies. You can recreate these recipes in the great outdoors or in the comfort of your own home, at the end of the day all that really matters is that it's fresh!

2009: Opening Day Hors D'oeuvres TV-G (30 min)

It's a day to celebrate at the opening of Anna's new fine food store, Hors D'Oeuvres. Anna works her creative juices at home testing out recipes and putting the final touches on her menu: white pizza with spelt crust (ham), truffled white bean salad in patty pan cups, smoked trout mouse on buckwheat blinis, and blueberry tiramisu tarts that melt in your mouth. Glass's clink and the tasting begins as wines are being matched to entrees.

2010: Cooking Class TV-G (30 min)

Anna shares her knowledge of the culinary arts to others in her profession at the Garden of good Earth cooking school. Working hand in hand with her students for the day Anna creates: chilled grilled seafood salad, homemade pasta with garden vegetables (white wine), apricot preserves, and white chocolate mousse with berry compote. In this class, your hard work not only pays off but it tastes great.

2011: Feasting Al Fresco TV-G (30 min)

There is nothing better than enjoying the great outdoors with great food. It's the long weekend and Anna's slowing it down with: beet and goat cheese terrine, herb and vegetables stuffed striped bass (white wine), corn blueberry salad, and French custard ice cream with wine-steeped plums. With the company of great friends and a trip to Southbrook Farms to pick up fresh fruit for dessert, nobody is going to be looking forward to work Tuesday morning.

2012: Welcome Supper TV-G (30 min)

New neighbors have moved in and Anna's preparing a welcome basket; herbed mushrooms and Asiago backed into brioche (rum), green bean griddle cakes, lemon scented turkey salad, and tricolor raspberry chocolate tart. After a trip to a local raspberry farm, Anna brings the finishing touches to her welcome basket. These neighbours are in for a real treat!

2013: Savoury Baking TV-G (30 min)

Anna takes a trip to Morningstar Mills to pick up some flour. Anna's mother comes along for the ride and back home shares her old family recipes that are too good to be forgotten. Grandma's potato cheddar bread, peameal bacon, green bean and cheese tart made with parmesan pastry, and walnut brie strudel, being on a diet is impossible when food tastes this good!

2014: Summer Sunset Feast TV-G (30 min)

Anna takes advantage of the warmth of the last long summer days with a casual dinner in the backyard. After a visit to an evening farmers market Anna prepares: grilled salmon with balsamic onion glaze, Swiss chard with pine nuts and pan roasted garlic, fluffy ricotta gnocchi with pepper coulis (white wine), and for dessert peach frozen yogurt and pizelle. Delicious food, great company, amazing weather, and a sunset that will take your breath away, all on this episode of fresh!

2015: Farm To Table TV-G (30 min)

Anna & her husband Michael serve at a local winery farm-to-table event. At home Anna plans ahead and assembles everything she will be bringing to the event: heirloom tomato salad, corn shrimp fritters with cucumber rémoulade, and chicken terrine with onion marmalade (ham). Picking up the finishing touches at Dave Perkins Riverbend garden on the way, this event is going to be a sure success, and a whole lot of fun!

2016: Boating Breakfast TV-G (30 min)

It's a gorgeous day and Anna's cooking up a brunch feast in her backyard: fruit & nut muesli, eggs Benedict with peameal on scallion waffles with tomato cream, summer sunshine smoothies, and a moist date raisin loaf that will have you coming back for seconds. Anna takes a morning trip to see Lyle the egg man at Welland market, and then slows it down in the afternoon coasting on the water with appetizers.

2017: Grilling Girls TV-G (30 min)

It's a day with the girls and Anna has her grilling mitts on. Miso grilled eggplant with scallops, grilled halibut with tomato vinaigrette, herb grilled corn on the cob, and chocolate hazelnut cheesecake with ice-wine peaces to tie it all together. Anna and the girls finish the day off with a trip to a Niagara Vinegar maker.

2018: Garage Sale Breakfast TV-G (30 min)

It's Treasure hunting time, and the backyard is fair game. With appetites the size of jungle animals, Anna kicks it into high gear and prepares: honey oat roasted pears, mushroom smoked cheddar frittata, sweet potato home fries, and chocolate griddle cakes with cinnamon peaches. A day trip to St. Catharine's' Market and hitting up some of the local garage sales makes this episode of fresh one you don't want to miss.

2019: Pack ?‘?em Up Treats TV-G (30 min)

Anna takes a trip to Paron cheese makers before swinging by a golf tournament. As the golfers make their way through the course, Anna has prepared: Sesame pumpkinseed snaps, chorizo cheese potato wraps, and butterscotch white chocolate brownie bites. Beautiful landscapes, great food, and a game that everyone can enjoy, all on this episode of fresh!

2020: Retro 50's Meal TV-G (30 min)

Put some funk in your fries and some jazz in your jam, have fun with a theme dinner with tasty takes on 50's flavours. In this episode Anna makes: buttermilk friend chicken, fluffy biscuits, zucchini lemon slaw, and peanut butter and jam bread pudding. With a trip to Kurtz Orchards to make jam and everyone in high spirits, you will be asking for seconds from this episode of fresh.

2021: Fresh Italian TV-G (30 min)

Anna hosts a Bon Voyage Party where she sends some of her friends to Tuscany in style. Inspired by Tuscan flavours Anna creates: ribollita (vegetable soup), tortellini with fennel cream, rosemary roasted pork with mushroom ragù, and sienna pan forte. It's time to brush up on your entertaining skills, all you need to know and more on this episode of fresh!

2022: Real Harvest Dinner TV-G (30 min)

In the midst of harvest, Ravine Winery is a sight to be seen, Anna delivers a fulfilling supper to the team of hardworking winemakers: Concord grape focaccia, whole roasted chicken with sweet potato stuffing, autumn celery root potato salad, and an easy apple tart that is suitable for any occasion. With gorgeous rolling vineyards, dinner on the table and a glass of wine in hand, this episode of fresh is a must see.

2023: Healthy Snack TV-G (30 min)

When you find yourself snacking more than eating meals, why not just make a meal out of snacks. It's a night with the girls at Anna's and they're nibbling on snacks during their Clothing exchange: gyoza dumplings (pork), wild rice risotto pockets with peppers & pumpkinseeds and maple baked apple bites. Snacking doesn't have to be a guilty pleasure, learn how healthy it can be, and indulge in this episode of fresh!

2024: Chilli Fest TV-G (30 min)

It's hot and spicy at Chilli Fest, and Anna's the judge on who makes it to the US competition. At home Anna spices it up with: Jalapeño pepper jelly, cheddar crackers with three pepper chicken chilli (white wine), and to put out the fire, double-chocolate ice cream sandwiches. Its time to kick it up a notch and add flavour to your favourite dishes, all on this episode of fresh!

2025: Show-off Plated Dinner TV-G (30 min)

Anna's having a group of chef's for dinner. French inspired flavours linger in Anna's kitchen as she creates: brioche toast with brandied mushrooms in cream, braised beef short ribs over mustard seed spaetzle, and citrus red cabbage. A meal of local fresh foods elegantly plated with the company of talented colleagues makes this episode or fresh another must see!

2026: Bacchanalia Buffet TV-G (30 min)

Anna prepares a huge buffet feast for her friends and family before a wine festival parade. Anna does all the prep work the night before: overnight baked ham with Riesling mustard glaze, loaded potato bake, and grilled apple salad all of which can be served at room temperature,( perfect for a buffet). Great friends, great food, and a reason to celebrate all on this final episode of fresh!