Episode Guide

201: Mild, Mild West TV-14 (60 min)

Murders occur when Buffalo Bill Cody's Western Extravaganza comes to Toronto.

202: Snakes And Ladders TV-14 (60 min)

Murdoch squares off against a serial killer.

203: Dinosaur Fever TV-14+LV (60 min)

The dead body of a young man is found in the jaws of a reconstructed dinosaur.

204: Houdini Whodunit TV-14 (60 min)

Harry Houdini becomes a suspect in a robbery-homicide case; Dr. Ogden's sister comes to visit.

205: The Green Muse TV-14+DLSV (60 min)

Murdoch investigates the death of a young woman working as a high-class prostitute.

206: Shades Of Grey TV-14+DLV (60 min)

Murdoch and Dr. Ogden's relationship is strained when they have different opinions about abortion.

207: Big Murderer On Campus TV-14 (60 min)

Murdoch investigates the murder of a professor as Crabtree searches for his biological mother.

208: I, Murdoch TV-14 (60 min)

Murdoch finds himself attracted to a widow whose son is missing.

209: Convalescence TV-14+LSV (60 min)

Murdoch suspects his landlady of planning a murder while Dr. Ogden and Enid nurse him back to health.

210: Murdoch.com TV-14+DLV (60 min)

The discovery of a body leads Murdoch into the world of telegraphy; the 1895 equivalent of the Internet.

211: Let Us Ask The Maiden TV-14 (60 min)

Murdoch investigates the death of a young Jewish man.

212: Werewolves TV-14+LSV (60 min)

Murdoch investigates a killing by a wild beast while trying to make sense of North American shamanism.

213: Anything You Can Do TV-14+LV (60 min)

Murdoch competes with another investigator who uses methods similar to his own.