Episode Guide

801: On The Waterfront TV-14 (60 min)

While investigating the murder of a merchant, Murdoch believes it's connected to the assault on Inspector Brackenreid.

802: On The Waterfront TV-14 (60 min)

Murdoch and the constabulary try to capture Brackreid's attackers; Dr. Ogden and Dr. Grace go to court.

803: Glory Days TV-14 (60 min)

Murdoch teams up with Bat Masterson to hunt for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

804: Holy Matrimony, Murdoch! TV-14 (60 min)

Just days before their wedding, Murdoch and Ogden intervene in a murder trial.

805: Murdoch Takes Manhattan TV-14 (60 min)

Murdoch and Ogden uncover a conspiracy that threatens the U.S. president; Brackenreid and Dr. Grace investigate a murder.

806: The Murdoch Appreciation Society TV-14 (60 min)

Murdoch's admirers interfere with a murder investigation; Ogden thinks about running for office.

807: What Lies Buried TV-14 (60 min)

Murdoch's own colleagues are suspects when a police officer's skeleton is discovered in the basement.

808: High Voltage TV-14 (60 min)

When a man is electrocuted, Murdoch is led to inventor Thomas Edison.

809: The Keystone Constables TV-14 (60 min)

Crabtree and Higgins go under cover to investigate the murder of a vaudeville comic.

810: Murdoch And The Temple Of Death TV-14 (60 min)

Murdoch and Crabtree uncover a mysterious temple, which may be hiding ancient treasure.

811: All That Glitters TV-14+LV (60 min)

Murdoch and Crabtree investigate the murder of a land surveyor in Northern Ontario.

812: The Devil Wears Whalebone TV-14+DLV (60 min)

Murdoch investigates the murder of a model who was killed during a protest.

813: The Incurables TV-14+DLV (60 min)

A group of inmates at the asylum threaten Dr. Ogden's life.

814: Toronto's Girl Problem TV-14+DLV (60 min)

Murdoch works with Brackenreid's nephew and discovers a murder victim is connected to an all-female gang of jewel thieves.

815: Shipwreck TV-14+DLSV (60 min)

Murdoch is reunited with his childhood mentor while investigating a murder in a church.

816: Crabtree Mania TV-14+DLSV (60 min)

Crabtree investigates the death of a wrestler and uncovers deception and fraud.

817: Election Day TV-14+LSV (60 min)

On election day, Dr. Ogden faces a setback; Murdoch investigates a murder with national security implications.

818: Artful Detective TV-14+LV (60 min)

During a hunt for a killer who collects macabre trophies, Murdoch becomes a target.