Episode Guide

201: The Beers TV-PG (30 min)

Wed, Jun 16 1AM EDT

Single mother Towa can't handle the tiny house she shares with her four-year-old daughter Sienna and her mother, Rene, so it's time to buy something better. But it's Irene who holds the purse strings and she demands a house while Towa desperately wants a swish condo. And Towa's mother insists on using a realtor that she has fired in the past. The battle lines are drawn and real estate rumble begins.

202: The Stevens TV-PG (30 min)

Wed, Jun 16 1:30AM EDT

For four years, Susan has shared a home with a friend. Now it's time to buy her own home and she wants a luxurious condo. David, her well-heeled son, hates the idea and refuses to fork out the cash. Until Susan's guilt trips get the best of him and he has no choice but to go house-hunting.

203: The Deroches TV-PG (30 min)

Wed, Jun 16 2AM EDT

Graham, a bachelor cruising for the perfect condo, only has one month to find a place. But his sister and brother-in-law, Jenn and Darryl, will only offer financial support if he settles down and buys a house. A real estate truce is nowhere in sight!

204: The Prasads TV-PG (30 min)

Wed, Jun 16 2:30AM EDT

Mitul and Gouri are tired of the commute and desperate to buy a downtown condo. But the thought of their only son moving so far way sends Mltul's parents over the edge. What started as a dream for a new life quickly turns into a generational culture clash.

205: The Wellingtons TV-PG (30 min)

Wed, Jun 16 3AM EDT

Nadine and her fiancé, Jason, are looking to find a larger place to share w ith their daughter Mia. Nadine's parents, Leela and Carl, are happy to help as long as the home is safe, and would even prefer that they move in with them. Nadine tries to put her foot down, but from the second they start house-hunting it's clear neither side wants to compromise.

206: The Adams TV-PG (30 min)

Wed, Jun 16 3:30AM EDT

Party boy Kevin is ready to fly the coop and buy a fixer-upper in the city. But his parents, Mark and Lynne, want to keep their son close in a large house with rental possibilities. Kevin enlists Brent, his party buddy (and realtor), to help him find a new pad but if his parents have their way his party days might be over.

207: The Sewells TV-PG (30 min)

Wed, Jun 16 4AM EDT

It's a battle of the divas! Kait, 21, has saved up $15k and Is set to buy a ritzy condo in the heart of downtown. But her mother, Michelle, wants to use her $100k investment to find serene property flt for her to live in with Kalt after she retires. With Kait's father, Scott, and brother, Tyler, stuck in the middle, no one knows which diva will emerge victorious!

208: The Sethis TV-PG (30 min)

Wed, Jun 16 4:30AM EDT

Henna loves her purses and her shoes... and hopefully her new downtown condo. What she doesn't love is that her strict Mom, Nina, wants to keep her in the suburbs. Lucky for Henna, she knows how to manipulate her doting Dad, Kuldeep, to take her side.

209: The Castros TV-PG (30 min)

Wed, Jun 23 1AM EDT

Desperate for some peace and quiet, Ann is kicking her two sons, Jonathan and Jason, out of her house. As consolation she has offered to buy them a place to share, but the brothers are completely unable to compromise their wildly different needs. It's brother vs. brother in this real estate showdown!

210: The Grijalbas TV-PG (30 min)

Wed, Jun 23 1:30AM EDT

Viviana and her boyfriend, Mark, are expecting a child and want to buy a spacious home in the city. But Viviana's parents already live two hours away and want their daughter and grandchild to move closer to them. Forced to choose between her boyfriend's desire to be in the city and her parents desire to be closer to her, poor pregnant Viviana is stuck right in the middle!

211: The Iaccheos TV-PG (30 min)

Wed, Jun 23 2AM EDT

Andrea and Pepe have a young son, and a mother who wants to move in and therefore are in need to buy a bigger home. But Andrea's dream of a huge home in the country is hers alone. Pepe and his mother-in-law are very close, and see eye­ to-eye on almost everything. They are both city folk and they'll do anything to make an urban house happen!

212: The Cecchettos TV-PG (30 min)

Recently divorced and back living with her parents, Katie, a vibrant hairdresser, wants to buy an older home to start her new life. But Christine, Katie's opinionated mother, insists that she buy a downtown condo and join the family realtor business. Battle lines are quickly drawn and compromise is no where in sight!

213: The Sharpes TV-PG (30 min)

Wed, Jun 23 2:30AM EDT

Hippie Mary Ann is selling her home and moving to Europe, giving her daughter, Alex, a huge down payment for her first home. But Alex, who loves the finer things in life, thinks Mary Ann is being stingy. Alex's BFF, Sarah, thinks Alex should get what she wants. The gloves quickly come off in this mother-daughter real estate battle.

214: The Haynes TV-PG (30 min)

Wed, Jun 23 3AM EDT

After years of separation, Dave Jr. is reconnecting with his elderly parents. n fact, they are moving in together. This is all to the chagrin of Dave's wife, Marie, who thinks her mother-in-law, Maureen, is a total drama queen. When Marie pushes for separate living spaces, and a bigger kitchen than her mother-in-law, the women go head-to-head in a battle for real estate supremacy.

215: 'the Manikkams TV-PG (30 min)

Wed, Jun 23 3:30AM EDT

Desperate to establish their independence and move out her mother's basement, Tanya and her boyfriend Steve are ready to buy their first home. But Jeanette, Tanya 's mom, thinks they should pay off their debt first. But when that tactic fails, Jeanette dec ides she's going to move in with them instead!

216: The Eagens TV-PG (30 min)

Wed, Jun 23 4AM EDT

With their wedding in three months, Allison and Brad are excited to buy a swank new house and start their life together with a $20,000 gift from Allison 's parents, Pennie and Pat. But they insist it's a loan and to buy something modest! It looks like it's up to Pennie's sister Kathy to broker a real estate compromise.

217: The Harts TV-PG (30 min)

Tired of renting and looking for the ultimate video gaming bachelor pad, Charles is eager to buy a new house. But his pushy mom, Beth, wants her computer geek son to leave the virtual world behind and trade in his computers for real life experiences!

218: The Fuderers TV-PG (30 min)

Wed, Jun 23 4:30AM EDT

Stacy and her boyfriend, Cameron, are ready to put down roots - and move out of her parent's house. Stacy's parents are happy to kick in the money, but don't want her to wander far from their country residence. But Cameron's mom can't wait to party downtown. Looks like these lovebirds are in for a game of real estate compromise!

219: The Alleynes TV-PG (30 min)

Wed, Jun 30 1AM EDT

Richelle is only 19 and getting $60,000 from her mom Barbara for her own condo! But the catch Is that Barbara wants a big say in the decision. Not willing to settle w without a fight, Richelle enlists her wisecracking best friend Jinny for support and the two go head-to-head with bossy Barbara.

220: The Mistrys TV-PG (30 min)

Wed, Jun 30 1:30AM EDT

Heena Is 37, a lawyer, and scared to tell her father, Raj, that she lives with her French boyfriend, Silvan. The problem is that Raj Is coughing up $50,000 for her new home and expects his daughter to be living in it alone. It looks like this father daughter property search just got more complicated!

221: The Tanners TV-PG (30 min)

Tonight  1AM EDT

Gord and Steph hate their suburban house. So does their roommate Donna, who happens to be Gord's mom.To make matters worse, they all have a mutual dislike for real estate agents. This house hunt just might be doomed from the start!

222: The Barclays TV-PG (30 min)

Tonight  1:30AM EDT

Josh, a 32-year-old DJ, wants a swinging bachelor pad. His girlfriend Rebecca wants a commitment. And Josh's dad wants to crash with his son for six months a year. f Josh doesn't find a compromise quick his need for space could leave him completely alone!

223: The Powers TV-PG (30 min)

Tonight  2AM EDT

Chris is a serious mama's boy, whose mom just wants to do his laundry - forever. But his dad desperately wants him out and his girlfriend wants him to man up. It looks like its time for Chris to grow up and move out, If only his mom would let him!

224: The Blairs TV-PG (30 min)

Tonight  2:30AM EDT

Sara loves to travel the world on her parents' tab. But her parents think its time for Sara to grow up and are willing to buy her a house to keep her at home. Spoiled Sara isn't buying into this new real estate plan while hardworking sister Shannon isn't buying into any of this nonsense!

225: The Wards TV-PG (30 min)

Tonight  3AM EDT

Brad, Jessica, and their two-year-old son Dexter, have looked at 40 houses so far. Brad's mom, Louise, is about to lose it . Especially when Dexter wanders off while they're looking at house #41. Finding him may prove easier than finding a home!

226: The Snows TV-PG (30 min)

Tonight  3:30AM EDT

Jamie's dad, Walt, is giving her $40,000 toward a new home. The catch is that Jamie must stop bickering with her boyfriend, Chris. Unfortunately, Jam ie continues to argue with Chris, her dad, and her realtor Helene. Jamie might just talk herself out of $40,000 it she isn't careful!