Episode Guide

101: In Sickness & In Health, Fact Or Fiction, Who Said That? TV-PG (30 min)

From one of nature's most efficient antioxidants, to jaw-dropping facts and fictions about Einstein, Uncle Sam, and presidents, to the man who first used the phrase "Speak softly and carry a big stick.

102: What's In A Name?, Get Creative, Identify This TV-PG (30 min)

From the original meaning of the words "weird and "quarantine, to beautiful, yet unique works of art, auroras, and waterfalls, to some of the worlds most identifiable buildings, landmarks, and natural wonders.

103: Ridiculous Theories, Untold History, Origins TV-PG (30 min)

From debunking ridiculous theories about land, sea, and air, to untold history on assassination attempts, famous wars, and peace treaties, to the origins or Mardi Gras beads, throwing rice, and the French dip sandwich.

104: Mystery Solved, Problem & Solution, Record Breakers TV-PG (30 min)

Mystery Solved, Problem & Solution, Record Breakers From the truth behind the Bermuda Triangle, fairy rings and why some stones seem to move by themselves, to the solutions for persistent household problems, to some of the worlds great records involving fishing, rubber bands, and hula hoops.

105: Globetrotting, Now And Then, What It's Worth TV-PG (30 min)

From the world's most expensive bridges, to the fastest way to get from country to country, to the cost of a first-class parlor suite ticket on the infamous Titanic.

106: What's In A Name, Untold History, In Sickness & In Health TV-PG (30 min)

From the history behind mall-loving, teenage valley girls, to the invention that might have saved U.S. President William McKinley's life, to some of the most famous oaths of all time.

107: Supernatural, Bad Ideas, On The Menu TV-PG (30 min)

From close encounters with aliens, to traditions involving rolling cheese down hills and shin-kicking, to the history behind one the most beloved menu items: the sandwich.

108: What Might Have Been, Oddities, Myths TV-PG (30 min)

From what might have occurred if certain events in history hadn't happened, to what it's like to ride in a paternoster, to busting some of the most outrageous myths about sleep, earthquakes, and the speed of light.

109: Globetrotting, Get Creative, Identify This! TV-PG (30 min)

From skydiving in some of the world's most exotic places, to exploring some of the most artistic residences from around the globe, to identifying treasures from unexpected places.

110: Mad Science, Claim To Fame, Oddities TV-PG (30 min)

From what a jackalope, geep, and goat-sheep might look like, to well-known explorers claims to fame, to some unexplained oddities that you might not want to know about.

111: Ridiculous Theories, Mystery Solved, Problem And Solution TV-PG (30 min)

From ridiculous theories involving King Tut and a hippo, to discovering the real mystery behind the famed aurora borealis, to some solutions that any camper or survival expert should know about.

112: Myths, Record Breakers, Surprising Stats TV-PG (30 min)

From famous myths about a pen and the Space Race, to some jaw-dropping records for the world's most expensive book and fastest ascent of Mt. Everest, to some little known facts about amusement parks.

113: Now And Then, Identify This, Into The Wild TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, Aug 10 12:30PM EDT

From finding out who has it better: young people now, or those from 40 years ago. to identifying some of the far from latest fashions, to adventuring into the wild to put a name on some strange animals.

114: What Could Have Been, What It's Worth, Globetrotting TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, Aug 10 1PM EDT

From which South American city was once a European capital, to learning what it will cost you if you want to ride on some of the world's most famous trains, to trotting around the globe in search of some of the most confusing places to visit.

115: The Inventions, Bad Ideas TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, Aug 10 1:30PM EDT

From uncovering some of the world's best inventions such as the spinning wheel, carding machine, and first mechanical calculator, to looking into some of the worst ideas that were given a patent, to some of the most surprising statistics about the world around us.

116: In Sickness & In Health, Claim To Fame, Untold History TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, Aug 17 12:30PM EDT

From the history of well-known diseases and disorders, to the legacies of some famous Yankees and Ancient Greeks, and the untold stories of some unknown people who had huge impacts on history.

117: Fact Or Fiction, Myths, Origins TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, Aug 17 1PM EDT

From the facts behind space travel, to some earthbound myths, and the origins of the world's most famous landmarks.

118: Record Breakers, Oddities, In Sickness & In Health TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, Aug 17 1:30PM EDT

From world records in the history of flight and construction, to the oddly shared history of a destructive invention and a well-known celebration of peace, to everything you need to know about the antibiotics that save lives.

119: Globetrotting, Problems & Solutions, Identify This TV-PG (30 min)

From the massive moai of Easter Island, to the problems that come with the development of the world's biggest cities, to a closer look at how short and tall differ around the world.

120: What Could Have Been, Bad Ideas, Now And Then TV-PG (30 min)

From coastlines that weren't, to the many runner up capitals of America, flushing gators down the toilet, throwing rice at birds, running from bears, pink as the go to color for boys, and the tallest nations in the world.

121: Mad Science, Who Said That, Claim To Fame TV-PG (30 min)

From the strength of your own hair, to huge extinct apes, survival of the fittest, power that corrupts absolutely, great minds, strange flags on the moon, and queen bees.

122: Myths, World In Numbers, Fact Or Fiction TV-PG (30 min)

From leprechauns to great floods, the chupacabra, a fear of flying, pilot fatigue, texting while driving, the world ratio of cell phones to working toilets, St. Patrick, and your odds of surviving just about everything.

123: On The Brain, Health & Fitness, Dinosaurs TV-PG (30 min)

From how your brain really works, to the effects of caffeine, to an up close and personal look at some dinosaurs.

124: Get Creative, Identify This, Bad Ideas TV-PG (30 min)

From the history of the circus and cinema, to the mystery of the vitaphone, to some pretty bad ideas.

125: Extreme Sports, Inventions, Problems & Solutions TV-PG (30 min)

From learning how to fly like a superhero, to the simple invention that's saved thousands of lives, to exploring the vacuum of space.

126: The Supernatural, Untold History TV-PG (30 min)

From the mysteries of Roswell, New Mexico, to the history of domestic life, to some of the most surprising statistics about the world around us.