Episode Guide

101: Catyanna TV-PG (30 min)

Sun, Apr 25 5AM EDT

Princess Catyanna is a 23-year-old marketing student whose favourite brand is “ herself! Her larger-than-life personality is matched in size only by her sense of entitlement, and her family and friends are rapidly reaching the bottom of their wallets when it comes to this pampered Princess. Now that she's maxed out her $5,000 student line of credit on virtually everything but tuition and books, Catyanna has no idea how she'll be able to return to school come fall. Worse still, a texting-while-driving accident has her drowning in legal fees but she hasn't slowed down her social schedule one bit. Catyanna's parents have had enough of their daughter's oblivious attitude toward money. It's up to financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade to teach this Princess to take responsibility for her life, right her past wrongs, and start owning up to her debt before it's too late.

102: Kim TV-PG (30 min)

Sun, Apr 25 5:30AM EDT

Princess Kim is so obsessed with her image that she has no qualms spending thousands of dollars “ other people's dollars “ to keep her skin tanned, lips plump, and hair coiffed each month. At 26, Kim has already undergone several invasive plastic surgeries, and hopes to go under the knife again in the near future. A full time student, Kim has changed her career path ten times, squandering every last cent in the process. With no direction, a fragmented education and a barely $14,000 yearly income, Kim depends completely on her adoring boyfriend and fed up mother to fund her luxurious lifestyle. Princess Kim needs desperately to learn to stand on her own two feet before she loses the people she cares about most for good. Host Gail Vaz-Oxlade strips away the fancy feathers in an effort to help this shallow Princess stop obsessing about her looks, and start to take control of her future.

103: Kirsten TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, Apr 26 5AM EDT

Media professional and student Kirsten was pleased as punch to visit the spa four, five, six times a month to get her nails done, muscles massaged and hair styled, all before going home to a boyfriend she adored. Sadly, this all came crashing down when Kirsten lost her job and her boyfriend, who could no longer handle the prospect of supporting her $5,000 a month personal pampering habit. Now armed with a six-month severance package and a serious lack of direction, Kirsten's determined to burn through her dwindling funds without a thought to the future. Host and financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade knows that in order for Kirsten to regain her sense of self, she'll have to grow up and start giving back to those around her, while learning to take responsibility for her life. Will Gail be able to pull this down-on-her-luck Princess out of the rut she's dug herself into?

104: Ariana TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, Apr 26 5:30AM EDT

Princess Ariana is used to getting her own way, and her selfish habit of putting her own needs before those of her friends and family has isolated everyone around her. At just 20 years old, she's already traveled the globe on her mother's dime and squandered every cent that her parents had put aside for her siblings' education. But, in true Princess style, Ariana commits the same indiscretions time and time again, using her parents' money to fund a lavish lifestyle she could never maintain on her own. After her latest transgression, an "accidental online purchase of more than $1,000, Ariana's parents are ready to cut the cord. The first order of business for host Gail Vaz-Oxlade will be to adjust the attitude of this serial spender. But Ariana will have to work hard to convince Gail that she really wants to change¦ because she doesn't seem convinced herself. Will Gail's tough-love approach be enough to bring this haughty Princess back from the dark side?

105: Corrinne TV-PG (30 min)

Sun, May 2 5AM EDT

Princess Corrinne is a party girl with decadent taste. Designer shoes on her feet, high end handbags on her arm and gourmet food in her stomach keep this 32 year old Customer Service Supervisor purring. Corrinne's three year old daughter is a miniature Princess-in-training who can recite designer brand names. But behind this privileged façade is a not-so-glamorous reality. Corrinne routinely stops payment on her bills to get her hair done, and has left her mother carless, broke and heartbroken in the wake of her self-centeredness. Worse still, her unpaid condo fees might leave Corrinne and her family homeless if their condo corporation follows through on their threat to foreclose. Corrinne's family is financially and emotionally tapped out, and her partner Rohan is on the verge of giving up on her for good. If Corrinne doesn't change her selfish behaviour and start acting on host Gail Vaz-Oxlade's advice, this extravagant Princess' world will come crashing down around her Prada-clad feet.

106: Michelle TV-PG (30 min)

Sun, May 2 5:30AM EDT

If Princess Michelle was able to finish her law degree, she might one day be able to rely on her credentials, and not just her credit, to get what she wants out of life. Behind the glitter of a privileged life, Michelle's finances are a sobering sight. Her collection of designer clothing, shoes, accessories and her $80,000 vehicle “ a gift from her parents “ belies her meagre part time income and the almost $40,000 in debt that keeps her from moving forward with her goals. Michelle's frustrated family has had enough; everyone agrees that it's time for Michelle to grow up. Enter Gail Vaz-Oxlade, Financial Expert and host. Gail challenges Michelle to get a job and work toward self-sufficiency, a task she's never before had to face from the comfort of her parents' home. Will Gail convince Michelle to define herself by the woman she is on the inside, rather than the brands she sports on the outside?

107: Sarah D. TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, May 3 5AM EDT

Princess Sarah is a doe-eyed 23 year old who spends money with lavish abandon on clothing, accessories and spa trips, all in the name of beauty. Unfortunately for everyone around her “ especially her boyfriend and younger sister Sam “ Sarah's paltry income isn't enough to support her lifestyle. Sarah's requests for cash handouts are now demands, making her spending problem clear to everyone around her. But Sarah's obsession with materialism blinds her to the fact that all the manicures and handbags in the world won't get her what she really craves: confidence and self-worth. Enter financial guru Gail Vaz-Oxlade, who challenges Sarah to explore a deeper, more independent side of herself. As Sarah works her way through Gail's challenges, the question remains: is she capable of standing on her own two feet, instead of acting like a child to get what she wants from those around her?

108: Rachel TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, May 3 5:30AM EDT

At 25 years old, Princess Rachel should be well on her way to financial autonomy. Instead, this petulant Princess lives at home with her parents, and is still completely dependent on them to fund her self-proclaimed shopping addiction. Rachel works only sporadically, but still spends more than 100% of her income each month on "wants like clothing and jewellery, leaving it to Mommy and Daddy dearest to pick up the tab on her "needs. Despite their generosity, Rachel's sense of entitlement is almost breathtaking, as she blithely suggests they sell their house and move into a smaller one so they can buy her a place of her own. It's obvious to host Gail Vaz-Oxlade that Rachel has the capability to become an independent woman, but her biggest handicap is her helicopter parents. Will Rachel be able to succeed at Gail's challenges, or will her parents fight to keep their very own Rapunzel comfortable in their cushy castle?

109: Sarah N. TV-PG (30 min)

Sun, May 9 5AM EDT

20 year old Princess Sarah is a university student that takes from everyone around her. Sarah's parents reluctantly finance her excessive lifestyle, shelling out almost thirty-five thousand dollars a year to keep their Princess primped and preened to her liking. Spending eight times the amount on her indulgences than she does on her needs, Sarah has crammed her closets full of expensive brand name items, all on her parents' dime. If Sarah's parents are her benefactors, than her roommates are her maids: since she refuses to pitch in around the house, Sarah's roommates consistently find themselves cleaning up her messes, and have begun seriously considering moving out as a result. Despite their generosity, Sarah has no problem giving her family and friends the cold shoulder when she doesn't get what she wants from them, a hurtful trait that has begun to isolate Sarah from those that care about her. Can host Gail Vaz-Oxlade teach this spoiled Princess to stand on her own two feet?

110: Diana TV-PG (30 min)

Sun, May 9 5:30AM EDT

Image obsessed Diana spends tons of money trying to impress strangers. Even at 25 years of age she feels that as long as she is under her parent's roof, it is their responsibility to take care of her and that it's her boyfriend, Tino's, responsibility to make sure she has everything she wants to make her happy. Host Gail Vaz-Oxlade must show this material girl that there's more to life than big houses and diamond rings “ and her future with Tino depends on it.

111: Ashley B. TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, May 10 5AM EDT

25 year old Ashley's long-cultivated sense of entitlement has led an "I want it, I get it motto in life. This self-proclaimed "it girl defines her life, her relationships and even herself by the things she buys. Her new husband and his family are fed up with her selfish behavior and are ready to cut her off. Gail Vaz-Oxlade may be this Princesses' last hope to come clean and own up to her almost $40,000 in debt, but with so much debt and a family that's had enough, will there still be a happy ending for this self-centered Princess?

112: Jennifer TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, May 10 5:30AM EDT

26-year-old Jennifer works at a money management company professionally, but in her personal life, specializes in financial mismanagement. Since being diagnosed with a long-term illness, Jennifer uses retail therapy as her primary medication, taking her mind off of her troubles by spending more than 60% of her income on clothes, restaurants and entertainment. Can Gail Vaz-Oxlade show Jennifer that being financially and physically healthy takes hard work and sacrifice, before this pampered Princess self-medicates herself all the way to bankruptcy?

113: Spencer TV-PG (30 min)

Sun, May 16 5AM EDT

Princess Spencer has expensive taste and doesn't think twice about dropping thousands of dollars on designer clothes, jewellery and his beloved car. This might not be a problem, were he not spending 82% of his income on his "wants, 48% of his income on his car, and approximately 50% more than what he earns in total to fund his abundant lifestyle. The source of his cashflow? Credit, borrowing, and the banks of Mom, Girlfriend and Nana. Host Gail Vaz-Oxlade needs to hit Spencer with some tough love, if he has any hope of working on his credit rating, a plan for the future, or on the relationships with the women in his life.

114: Heather TV-PG (30 min)

Sun, May 16 5:30AM EDT

At 21, Princess Heather is the baby of the family “ and she plays that role to the hilt! She lives at home, and has racked up thousands in student loans after abandoning one course of study for another. Her parents and two older sisters have always indulged Heather, but as both sisters plan their weddings, things have come to a head. Heather's turned into a bridesmaidzilla, refusing to live up to her financial commitments and expecting to dictate key details like the colour theme. Can Gail Vaz-Oxlade show Heather that it's time to grow up and take responsibility for her own happiness and future?

115: Nicole TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, May 17 5AM EDT

Princess Nicole has her mother, her best friend and her girlfriend footing the bills for the basics, leaving Nicole free to spend her salary “ and more “ on daily impulse shopping sprees. But even the support of these three sugar mamas isn't enough to stop Nicole from racking up debt. Now she's on the verge of ruining those relationships. Unless Gail Vaz-Oxlade can get Nicole to recognize the importance of people over stuff, there won't be a happily ever after for this Princess.

116: Nina TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, May 17 5:30AM EDT

At 25, Princess Nina earns more than her parents do. She still lives at home, but she doesn't lift a finger to help around the house, pay rent or provide groceries. She has her sights set on Ivy League law school, but there's the small matter of her first student loan which she's never bothered to pay back. Now her debt's in collections, and Nina's future is going nowhere until she starts taking the lessons from financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade seriously.

117: Ashley W TV-PG (30 min)

Sun, May 23 5AM EDT

After graduation, Princess Ashley moved home to save money and pay down debt. Three years later, she owes even more and her spending is out of control. Until now, she's relied on her parents to provide the basics and her boyfriend to pay for the fun stuff. But circumstances at home have changed and her boyfriend is tiring of being treated like a walking wallet. Will Ashley be able to show her loved ones that she's changed?

118: Andrea TV-PG (30 min)

Sun, May 23 5:30AM EDT

Andrea has been a Princess since childhood. Now at 25, she's completely unprepared to deal with life's harsh realities. Her mother has been her constant enabler, but financial host Gail Vaz-Oxlade convinces Mom to cut the cord and let Andrea fend for herself. Princess Andrea will have to get down and dirty to prove she's ready to do what it takes to become financially independent.

119: Treva TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, May 24 5AM EDT

Like all Princesses, 27 year old Treva loves to shop for clothes, shoes and accessories. Treva earns a modest income as a retail manager, and when it runs out, she turns to friends and family to cover the necessities. But this Princess has also gotten herself trapped in an endless cycle of pay advance loans. Enter financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade who challenges Treva to take responsibility for her spending, and start digging herself out.

120: Allison TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, May 24 5:30AM EDT

Princess Allison is an aspiring actress who is deeply in debt. While she's waiting to be discovered, the interest is piling up on almost $130,000 of outstanding loans. At age 27, Allison needs to get serious about earning a living. She's got lots of potential careers that might allow her to do that, but whether she has the aptitude, the ambition or the ability to fulfill any of her wacky ideas is another question. Will financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade be able to convince Allison that her financial future is as important as fame?

121: Daniela TV-PG (30 min)

Sun, May 30 5AM EDT

Princess Daniela has big plans for her future, including marriage and owning her own spa business. So far though, all she's managed to do is freak boyfriend Jessie out with her extravagant overspending and get herself fired from the one spa job she had “ working for her own mother! Host Gail Vaz-Oxlade tries to grow Daniela up by sending this pampered princess to live alone for the first time ever and challenging her to develop a vision of her future that doesn't involve living off someone else's wallet.

122: Lasia TV-PG (30 min)

Sun, May 30 5:30AM EDT

Princess Lasia just had her 30th birthday, and so far, her life hasn't turned out the way she wanted. She's making less money than ever, and finds herself begging her parents to pay her bills. She's racked up so much debt she can't imagine how she'll ever move out of her grandparents' home. She's stuck! Enter financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade who challenges Lasia to re-think her approach to finances and fun.

123: Stacey TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, May 31 5AM EDT

Princess Stacey spent years travelling the world - and she's got the debt to prove it. When her debt got out of control, Mom and Dad swooped into rescue her. Now, while Stacey's friends are busy with the business of growing up, this party girl is stuck working as a bartender and living at home. Stacey needs to change her priorities and her spending habits if she's ever going to regain the independence she once had. Gail Vaz-Oxlade gets to the heart of Stacey's spending.

124: Lauren TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, May 31 5:30AM EDT

Princess Lauren knows exactly what she wants, and she knows exactly who's going to pay for it: her future husband! This pampered princess will only accept the finer things in life, but doesn't see why she should have to spend any of her own hard-earned money on the boring necessities when she could be using that money on designer shoes and bags. Her family is fed up and her boyfriend doesn't know if he'll ever be able to meet Lauren's ridiculous standards. Host Gail Vaz-Oxlade challenges Lauren to reconsider her approach, but with a lifetime of indulgence to overcome in four short weeks, it may be a struggle for them both.

125: Katelyn TV-PG (30 min)

Sun, Jun 6 5AM EDT

Princess Katelyn used to her student loans to travel the world and to pay for some personal upgrades like a $5,000 nose job, along the way. She thought she'd be living the high life “ on a high salary “ right after graduating from university. Instead, she's trying to live that high life on an entry-level income. And she's in total denial about what it's going to take to pay off her massive student loans. So far, Katelyn has managed to get her parents to cover not just the basics like rent and food but all the extras too. Now they're fed up and they're hoping that financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade can help Katelyn learn to stand on her own two feet.

126: Mario TV-PG (30 min)

Sun, Jun 6 5:30AM EDT

Princess Mario is a typical Mama's boy. At 26, he's spent his entire life living at home with his parents looking after his every need. But now Mario's found a new Mama “ his wife Ariana. And after only a few months of marriage, Ariana is fed up with Mario's spoiled attitude and selfish spending. Host Gail Vaz-Oxlade has some pretty harsh words for Mario and a series of tough challenges for him to complete to prove to her “ and his family “ that he's ready to change his way and focus on the future.

127: Laura TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, Jun 7 5AM EDT

Princess Laura is a fashion buyer who takes her career pretty seriously. So seriously in fact, that she's managed to spend close to $40,000 on clothing, footwear and accessories in an effort to look professional at work “ all while neglecting to pay for basics like her mortgage, groceries or car payment. Boyfriend John is sick of being stuck with the bills and frustrated by Laura's flippant attitude. Gail Vaz-Oxlade has just four weeks to help Laura learn to curb her spending, and live with less. Will Laura have what it takes to earn $5,000?

128: Ashley C TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, Jun 7 5:30AM EDT

23 year old Ashley is an unemployed Princess who's somehow managed to convince her parents and her boyfriend into giving her a monthly allowance. Ashley thinks most jobs are beneath her, so she has plenty of time to spend spending their money. Her family and friends are fed up “ but will they be able to stick to their guns and help Ashley learn to stand on her own two feet? Financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade has her work cut out for her with this entitled Princess.

129: Leanna TV-PG (30 min)

Sun, Apr 18 5AM EDT

Only 21, Princess Leanna works for the family business as an assistant to the receptionist and takes days off whenever she feels like it. She's spent her mother's money on several college programs but still hasn't found a career she's really interested in. Host Gail Vaz-Oxlade steps up the pressure on Leanna by firing her and moving her out on her own. With only four weeks to change, will Leanna be able to show her mother that she has what it takes to live independently “ or will this spoiled suburban girl fail to impress?

130: Ashley S TV-PG (30 min)

Sun, Apr 18 5:30AM EDT

Princess Ashley's family doesn't have much “ but everything they do have has been given to Ashley. 20 year old Ashley works full time but spends every penny on herself, while leaving her mom to foot the bills for the basics. And boyfriend Jordan finds himself picking up the tab for everything else. While Ashley dreams of a career that could take her further than her current circumstances, she's got no idea how to achieve those goals. Financial host Gail Vaz-Oxlade needs to take this Princess under her wing to help her reach her full potential.

131: Jennifer K TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, Apr 19 5AM EDT

As the baby of a family of six kids, Princess Jennifer is used to being indulged by every member of her family. Now, although she works full time and earns a decent living, Jennifer is spending her entire paycheque and more on herself. She's slowly sinking into debt and her dreams of working in the cosmetics industry is slowly slipping away. It's up to Gail Vaz-Oxlade to intervene in this dysfunctional family dynamic and challenge Jennifer to prove to her family “ and to herself “ that she has what it takes to be in control of her money and her life.

132: Rachel P TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, Apr 19 5:30AM EDT

Princess Rachel loves living the fast life “ a sweet downtown apartment, lots of friends to party with every night and a job that doesn't require much effort. But Rachel's spending is spiralling out of control. She's racked up $40,000 in debt and she's looking for the easy way out. Financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade schools Rachel in the price she's going to have to pay for her financial carelessness, but whether she can make an impact on this imperious Princess is another matter.