Episode Guide

301: Catch Me If You Con TV-14+LV (60 min)

Thu, Aug 12 9PM EDT

In the aftermath of Angie's incarceration, Shade and Angie must risk everything to recover the stolen hard drive and clear Angie's name. Their hunt leads them to a lavish museum gala where a priceless ancient artifact is on display.

302: Full Court Press TV-14+DLS (60 min)

Thu, Aug 12 10PM EDT

Free basketball tickets turn into a new case as Angie and Shade are hired by a pro-ball player to find out who is leaking career-compromising pictures to the press.

303: Cut And Run TV-14+DLSV (60 min)

Thu, Aug 12 11PM EDT

Angie's mother, Nora, is back in the picture along with a new beau who hires Everett and Shade after his clinic's sensitive customer database is hacked and held for ransom.

304: The Life Of Riley TV-14+DLV (60 min)

Fri, Aug 13 12AM EDT

When a motorcycle shop owned by one of Angie's acquaintances is vandalized, Shade and Angie are called to investigate, only to find out that in this quiet suburban community, everyone has a secret.

305: The Grape Deception TV-14+DLV (60 min)

Thu, Aug 19 9AM EDT

Angie's old college roommate calls upon the detective duo after ˜the Holy Grail of wines' is stolen just days before it was to be auctioned off.

306: Hog Day Afternoon TV-14+LV (60 min)

Thu, Aug 19 10AM EDT

A case of insurance-fraud escalates to a hostage situation in the high-rise offices of GreatLife, manufacturers of household gadgetry. Hostages, hostiles, toasters and hairdryers “ Shade tries to figure out what he's gotten himself into while outside, Maz struggles to control the situation on the ground.

307: Dance, Dance Retribution TV-14+DLSV (60 min)

Thu, Aug 19 11AM EDT

When Becca calls on Shade and Angie to investigate a series of potentially supernatural accidents that threaten to derail her new TV special, our PI's find themselves tap-dancing their way through the cut-throat world of reality television.

308: The Conroy Curse TV-14+DLV (60 min)

Thu, Aug 19 12PM EDT

A brutal heat wave hits Toronto and brings with-it small-town detective Eddie Conroy who's looking for help when his friend's suspicious death is ruled a suicide.

309: It Happened One Fight TV-14+LV (60 min)

Thu, Aug 19 1PM EDT

It's an investigation into attempted murder when Zoe's cousin suddenly collapses during a martial arts demonstration. Meanwhile, as the agency goes through renovations, Shade and Angie wrestle with their own urges as they live together under the same roof.

310: Tex Therapy TV-14+DLSV (60 min)

Thu, Aug 19 2PM EDT

Shade and Angie cope with the awkward aftermath of their close encounter while investigating Tex, a charming man with amnesia who may be linked to an expensive art heist. As the PIs look into their mystery man's surreptitious past, it doesn't take a detective to realize what's obvious -- Tex has eyes for Angie.

311: Aye Aye, Tonya TV-14+DLSV (60 min)

Thu, Aug 19 3PM EDT

Shade and Angie think they're uncovering a simple case of infidelity when they're swept onto the high seas aboard a pirate-themed cruise ship where costumes, treasure and eye patches are just a cover for a more insidious scheme.

312: Glazed And Confused TV-14+DLSV (60 min)

Thu, Aug 19 4PM EDT

When someone takes a shot at Angie's long-time nemesis Norm Glinski, he fakes his own death and hires Angie and Shade to investigate his almost-murder. But the greater task for the PIs turns out to be babysitting the incorrigible Glinski himself¦