Episode Guide

601: Open Windows TV-14+DS (60 min)

Thu, Aug 13 12AM EDT

Three weeks after the evidence room bombing, Andy and Sam return from a much-needed vacation, ready to work. But when Andy is attacked by an intruder at Traci's place, and when the Sex Crimes Unit steps in to handle the case in their own way, 15 Division must decide whether to take matters into their own hands, on the season premiere.

602: Perfect Family TV-14+D (60 min)

Thu, Aug 13 11AM EDT

Andy debates her future with Sam after receiving the heart-breaking news that Marlo is pregnant with his baby. But Andy's ideas about what makes a perfect family are put into perspective when she meets an out of control teen who needs to be protected from her own conservative family. Meanwhile, Nick and Juliet's star-crossed romance starts to feel inevitable when they're sent on duty together on Juliet's first shift at 15 Division -- if only she would see things that way.

603: Uprising TV-14+DV (60 min)

Thu, Aug 13 12PM EDT

As tensions are running high in an over capacity women's correctional facility, a riot breaks out while Andy, Juliet, Nick, and Gail are there to transfer two inmates. The officers are separated and a lock-down situation leads to Andy and Juliet being trapped with a dangerous prisoner who is desperate to prove her innocence. Meanwhile, Sam shows up at Marlo's ultrasound and stays by her side while they anxiously wait to hear if something's wrong with the baby.

604: Letting Go TV-14+V (60 min)

Thu, Aug 13 1PM EDT

When Nick's estranged older brother Finn emerges with new information regarding someone directly linked to their parent's death, Nick goes off the grid to track the man down. But Juliet notices Nick's odd behavior and does some investigating of her own. Meanwhile, Dov and Chris successfully capture an escaped MMA fighter only to leave Dov feeling as though something is missing.

605: A Real Gentleman TV-14+DV (60 min)

Thu, Aug 13 2PM EDT

When Traci doesn't show up as planned for a raid she's been leading involving a notorious gun dealer, the officers from 15 Division sense something is drastically wrong. It's all hands on deck as they desperately try to find her.

606: Home Run TV-14+DV (60 min)

Thu, Aug 13 3PM EDT

When a drive-by shooting interrupts a friendly baseball game that 15 Division is hosting, the search for the shooter puts Gail's relationship with her brother Steve Peck to the test. Meanwhile, Sam plans a weekend escape with Andy that challenges their ability to rise above various setbacks.

607: Best Man TV-14+D (60 min)

Thu, Aug 13 4PM EDT

Andy and Sam are shocked to learn that Oliver is the prime suspect in the bombing of 15 Division's evidence room and decide to go rogue to try and clear his name. Meanwhile, an oblivious Oliver has his hands full with a sensitive missing child case that reaffirms his commitment as a police officer whether he's on or off-duty.

608: Integrity Test TV-14+DL (60 min)

Thu, Aug 13 5PM EDT

With Oliver still the prime suspect in the bombing of 15 Division's evidence room, Andy, Dov, Gail, and Nick come up with a risky and potentially career-ending plan to prove Oliver is being set up by Commissioner Alonso Santana. Meanwhile, Traci shadows Steve Peck, hoping to calm her fears about his involvement in the bombing.

609: Ninety Degrees TV-14 (60 min)

Thu, Aug 13 6PM EDT

As the officers of 15 Division try to move on from the corruption scandal, a heat wave hits the city and Jarvis opens up the 15 Division to the public as a cooling station. Meanwhile, Andy and a very pregnant Marlo set out to track down a volatile patient who's gone missing from group therapy, but neither of them are prepared when Marlo suddenly goes into labor in a high-rise condo that has no power.

610: Breaking Up The Band TV-14+L (60 min)

Thu, Aug 13 7PM EDT

Now that Sam and Marlo's baby girl has arrived, it's evident that nothing could have prepared Andy for this moment. So when she hears of an opportunity to leave town for 4 months to work on an undercover project, she considers taking it. Meanwhile, Jarvis reveals the shocking news that 15 Division will be restructured following the corruption scandal.

611: 74 Epiphanies TV-14 (60 min)

Thu, Aug 13 8PM EDT

As the restructuring of 15 Division looms, Andy and Sam's wedding comes just in time for everyone to celebrate one last time. But when Andy is taken off-course by a hitchhiker and then stranded on the side of the road with a dying man, she finds herself with no way to get help “ or let Sam know her situation. Will she be able to save the man's life? And will she make it to her wedding?