Episode Guide

101: '67 Nova Part 1 TV-G (30 min)

This '67 Nova had been sitting for 2 years with no motor and no trans, after a life changing event hit the owner's family and the build was indefinitely put on hold. Now, our team hopes to make a dream come true and re-build this muscle car for this young owner and his kids.

102: '67 Nova Part 2 TV-G (30 min)

The Nova returns from media blasting with some very bad news, and at least another 300 man hours of body repair added to this restoration. See metal work, body panels and the build-up of a new 383 Stroker as our build team goes full throttle.

103: '67 Nova Part 3 TV-G (30 min)

Part 3 in our Nova build includes delays in parts that have the build team nervous as body finishing is completed. The owner sees his 383 Stroker fired up via web cam, and the Nova comes out of the paint booth with new paint with an old theme.

104: '67 Nova Part 4 TV-G (30 min)

Final assembly of our ˜67 Nova includes wiring, new upholstery, dash, gauges, headliner and everything else to bring this classic muscle back to life. Tim takes it on a shakedown run, and the family takes delivery of their pride and joy.

105: '94 Gmc Part 1 TV-G (30 min)

In the second build of Search & Restore, we travel to Pomeroy, OH, to meet Anthony, who commutes to his job at the penitentiary in a worn-out '94 GMC Sierra. Rusted through, it's his daily driver. But fixing up the 4x4 is a distant second to raising his two biological, and five adopted, children. Search & Restore to the rescue!

106: '94 Gmc Part 2 TV-G (30 min)

In the second part of the Sierra build on Search & Restore, the build team gets seriously busy building one rusted-through 4x4. The salty Southern Ohio roads haven't been good to Anthony's GMC, so it's getting a new crate motor, junkyard frame, lift kit, suspension, and more!

107: '94 Gmc Part 3 TV-G (30 min)

She works to feed needy kids. He works the 12 hour night shift. Together the Rowe's have fostered some 30 children, adopting 5 of them. We found this couple in Pomeroy, OH asking for help fixing his daily driver. Watch this '94 GMC 1500 turn to gold!

108: '94 Gmc Part 4 TV-G (30 min)

Cindy, Anthony, and their 7 kids travel to the Search & Restore garage to get their rusted out 4x4, now sporting new everything! Engine, suspension, brakes, interior, restored bed and frame, plus a custom paint job.

109: Jeep Tj On Steroids Part 1 TV-G (30 min)

Down in Louisiana is a dedicated father and wheeler whose near stock TJ is too puny to hang with his buddies. With help from the guys from Xtreme 4x4 and Horsepower TV, and big group of volunteers, Jason's baby Jeep grows into a hardcore wheeler on steroids!

110: Jeep Tj On Steroids Part 2 TV-G (30 min)

The stripped TJ is treated to custom width 9? housings, heavy duty knuckles, and a one-off roll cage that will be the envy of Jason's 4-wheeling buddies. Plus hot rodder Tim Strange earns crawling credentials when he & Xtreme's Ian Johnson hit the trail.

111: Jeep Tj On Steroids Part 3 TV-G (30 min)

Good guy Jason Smelser won't recognize his TJ when we're done with it. Part 3 sees the Jeep coming together, with a completely freshened up and rebuilt straight six, transmission rebuild, heavy duty transfer case, body protection, paint and more.

112: Jeep Tj On Steroids Part 4 TV-G (30 min)

After one month and all donated parts, Jason and his family arrive at the Tech Center for our reveal. But it doesn't end there! What is a hardcore Jeep build without seeing exactly what it can do on the trail? So we load everyone up and head into the woods.

113: Military Mustang Part 1 TV-G (30 min)

Build 4 begins in Colorado, when Tim surprises veteran Paul Kahler with a makeover. He earned a Purple Heart in Iraq, is a Sergeant with the Colorado National Guard, and studies at night for a degree in counseling. We take Paul's '67 coupe for a hot rod build up.

114: Military Mustang Part 2 TV-G (30 min)

With all the metal work done, the coupe heads for some serious body prep followed by Tim Strange's custom paint. While at the same time, the Horsepower guys take the Ford Racing short block and build power with performance headers, intake, and carburetor.

115: Military Mustang Part 3 TV-G (30 min)

We have lots of volunteers this week including 2 WyoTech grads, suspension and air conditioning experts, Tim and our build team who turn our Mustang build into a roller with a new front suspension, 9? rear, and all the goodies to turn Paul's Mustang into a show winner!

116: Military Mustang Part 4 TV-G (30 min)

Tim Strange & our WyoTech Build Team wrap up week 4 with the completion of Paul Kahler's '67 Mustang Coupe. This veteran and his family pick up their ride, and many of the volunteers are on hand to show their appreciation for his service to our country.

117: '55 Chevy Handyman Wagon Part 1 TV-G (30 min)

Chad is a gearhead through and through. A tragic motorcycle accident in his youth never stood in the way of fulfilling his dream of owning a '55 Chevy. Tim and the team surprise this Tacoma, Washongton family with a full blown makeover of his Handyman Wagon.

118: '55 Chevy Handyman Wagon Part 2 TV-G (30 min)

Body work continues on the '55 Chevy Handyman when just about every piece of the original sheet metal is replaced, even the chassis! Tim Strange and Tommy Boshers bring in some characters to help, while our owner checks in live via video feed for a looksee.

119: '55 Chevy Handyman Wagon Part 3 TV-G (30 min)

More volunteers and mucho gallons of primer paint and clear are part of week 3 as the car progresses to better than new condition. Build leader Tim Strange provides step-by-step how-to on the car painting process, plus learn how to get that million dollar shine!

120: '55 Chevy Handyman Wagon Part 4 TV-G (30 min)

Final assembly in our last half hour of Chad's '55 Handyman Wagon, including some last minute engine troubleshooting, a "slot car-like? road test with Tim and Tommy, then the family arrives at the Tech Center for what is a very emotional give back.

121: 4 Generation '48 Ford Truck Part 1 TV-G (30 min)

Shane inherited a classic truck that has been in his family for decades. Honoring his father and grandfather who have since passed, he asked Tim Strange and our volunteer team for a little help. We travel to Pennsylvania to rescue this 4-generation Ford.

122: 4 Generation '48 Ford Truck Part 2 TV-G (30 min)

With over 600 man hours into the truck during the teardown and metal work stage, work continues as more rust and patch panels are found under the fresh paint. Tim and the volunteers provide how-to metal fab tips, as this classic truck gets ready for paint.

123: 4 Generation '48 Ford Truck Part 3 TV-G (30 min)

Owner Shane gets a peak at the progress as week 3 brings some of the top paint, body and airbrush/graphics talent from the US & Canada. Watch Tim Strange and our volunteers pick up the pace when 1 thousand more man hours are added to this cool yet traditional build.

124: 4 Generation '48 Ford Truck Part 4 TV-G (30 min)

We have five days left to finish the Ford before the family arrives from Pennsylvania to see our take on Shane's dad's classic truck. Guitar legend Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top stops by to lend his support when the truck is test driven before the big reveal.

125: '67 Chevy Ii Part 1 TV-G (30 min)

When Andy lost his wife to cancer, priorities changed. His Nova sat in the garage as a constant reminder of a dream unfulfilled. Enter our volunteer team. This 4 week build transforms the family car into a tribute to a loved one not forgotten.

126: '67 Chevy Ii Part 2 TV-G (30 min)

With paint and bodywork complete, our team finishes the task of completing a frame-off resto of Andy's 67 Chevy II in just 4 weeks' time. He and his small children visit the Tech Center to see the transformation of their Nova turned bonafide hotrod.