Episode Guide

201: Lady In The Lake TV-14 (60 min)

Toby (Craig Olejnik) helps a woman with amnesia regain her memory, which includes some unsavory corporate behaviours. But his actions draw the attention and suspicions of St. Michelle McCluskey (Lauren Lee Smith) at the Integrated Investigative Bureau (IIB).

202: Crime Seen TV-14 (60 min)

McCluskey (Lauren Lee Smith) recruits Toby (Craig Olejnik) on a case involving smuggled weapons, which takes a turn for the worse when an undercover operative winds up dead.

203: In His Sights TV-14 (60 min)

As a new confidential informant for the IIB, Toby (Craig Olejnik) investigates an assassination threat against a Conservative leadership frontrunner -- a high-ranking military colonel who may have been involved in the mysterious disappearance of an army private under his command in Afghanistan.

204: The Brothers Volkov TV-14 (60 min)

Toby (Craig Olejnik) and Michelle (Lauren Lee Smith) investigate a suspicious homicide when a Russian Consul General is found dead and his son, protected by diplomatic immunity, confesses to his murder.

205: Inner Circle TV-14 (60 min)

Toby (Craig Olejnik) is brought in to investigate corrupt cops but finds himself in over his head when one of them ends up dead from a suspected drug overdose.

206: The Magician TV-14 (60 min)

When an imprisoned criminal mastermind (Peter Outerbridge) holds the key to the whereabouts of a kidnapped judge, Sgt. Michelle McCluskey (Lauren Lee Smith) brings in Toby (Craig Olejnik) to read him, with unexpected results.

207: Ace In The Hole TV-14 (60 min)

The death of a CSIS agent and a breach of classified intelligence prompt Michelle (Lauren Lee Smith) to turn to her estranged husband and Toby (Craig Olejnik) to infiltrate a high-stakes poker game and uncover the missing puzzle pieces surrounding the mystery.

208: Vanished TV-14 (60 min)

A mysterious woman with an unexplained psychic gift may hold the key to helping Toby (Craig Olejnik) uncover the whereabouts of a wealthy businessman's kidnapped baby.

209: Jericho TV-14 (60 min)

Toby (Craig Olejnik) goes undercover to help expose the identity of a hacker known as "Jericho-11 in a cyber crime investigation involving large-scale identity theft.

210: Desperate Hours TV-14 (60 min)

When Toby (Craig Olejnik) and Oz (Ennis Esmer) are dispatched to a call in the financial district, they're taken hostage by two men posing as security guards who are carrying out a victim suffering from a gunshot wound.

211: To Die For TV-14 (60 min)

Toby (Craig Olejnik) is brought in to authenticate the testimony of a star witness “ a celebrated restaurant chef - in the trial of a mob boss charged with shooting his business partner.

212: Eye Of The Storm TV-14 (60 min)

Toby (Craig Olejnik) and the IIB investigate a national security breach when a sex tape featuring the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Cynthia Dale) goes viral.

213: The Reckoning TV-14 (60 min)

Toby (Craig Olejnik) connects with a gifted young woman whose mental powers appear to rival or even surpass his own, and may be connected to a series of suspicious suicides linked to an old biker gang.